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Pain in throat - thyroid?

Since New Years ( 3 weeks plus) I have had a pain in the right side of my throat (Adam's apple, Thyroid region?). I can only feel discomfort when I swallow. Somethings I barely feel it, sometimes it fairly accute. As a 37 year old with pretty good health I wasn't too worried, but then I started to think what if it could be related to my smoking! I am one of those New Years resolution quitters, and although was never a heavy smoker (a social smoker, never in the house and less than 3 a day for 5 years on and off), I thought it would be a really good time to stop. Great. But now I've got this pain and pray it's not a cancer. I went to the Doctor's the other day and he wasn't sure what it was. I didn't have a cold or flu (although my step-daughter did and had a really bad throat which hurt her a lot a few weeks ago). The Doc has given me anti-biotics just to be sure but not sure they'll work since I wasn't ill. Maybe it is viral, but I mentioned throat cancers and he said he couldn't rule anything out. Nice. So I'm a bit worried. He won't refer me to see anyone else until I finish the course of Amoxycillon, so I'm very nervous and drinking tea with lots of honey to relieve the pain. Like I said, it only hurts when swallowing, and although I've felt around the area for a lump I can't find anything but it still worries me.

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I just quit around 5 months ago and have been experiencing similar issues.  I did find a small pea sized growth on my uvula too though.  The doctor said that it is soft and does not seem like cancer. No swollen glands or other symptoms.  Just tenderness if I press above the Adam's apple area and the feeling that something is stuck on my epiglottis.  He gave me flonase and claritin d and told me it was post nasal drip and allergies.  I still do not know why my uvula seems veiny and the pea sized growth is worrisome to me but without insurance I cannot afford to have specialists stare at it through 4 appointments before someone cuts it out for a biopsy.  I also think I may be hyper focusing on my throat since quitting smoking.  I would just hate to be a 34 year old statistical anomaly with throat cancer.  

Symptoms:  Throat tenderness but not pain (more a feeling that something is there), constant need to clear throat but no coughing, dry feeling in throat, slight pain around jaw, ringing in ears, small round bump with warty temperance right next to uvula.
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