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Parathyroid Blood Count

I recently had blood work done due to the fact that I have Hypothyroidism.  I daily take 5500 mg of Calcium and a prescription Vitamin D.  I also take Synthroid.175.  This treatment has been ongoing for nearly 20 years now,  My bloodwork showed my Parathyroid Count as 135.  My doctor was very puzzled and referred my to a specialist, which I have not seen yet.  What does that Blood count mean?
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My PTH is also high as is my calcium serum. My serum Vit D is very low. My urine phosphorus is LOW and my urine calcium is very low normal.  Didn't get tests results back for the TSH yet. Took nuclear and contrasted scans and ultrasound of my thyroid and parathyroids but they weren't enlarged. I'm seeing an Endocronolgist for this. She's trying to put the pieces together.

High parathyroidism can be Primary or secondary. My new Endo doc doesn't think I have primary but my other Endo doc says it is.

Any ideas?

Willis62- I'm not a doctor, but I think that having high parathyroid causes increase of calcium serum. You're taking a lot of calcium. Ask your doc about this right away.
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Is it the PTH???, 135??  that's why your doctor was puzzled, I'm too...., I think you nead to go to a specialist and repeat the analyses: PTH, calcium in serum/urine, phosphorus (serum/urine), Vit D and of course TSH, free T3 and free T4.
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