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Parathyroid and Thyroid Surgery Problems Post-OP

Hello - I am four days out from both a parathyroid and thyroid procedure, where I had a parathyroid adenoma and a large hot thyroid nodule removed via lobectomy.

I am still feeling pretty bad, and am wondering how long it takes to recover from this procedure, and whether it's normal to feel worse before feeling better?

Since the second day post-op, I have been plagued by all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms, in addition to being in pain (sore in my neck, chest, throat, in addition to the incision area). I've been experiencing mild tingling in my fingers, tense musles in my wrists, muscle twiches, heart racing, heart palpitations, headaches, anxiety, tremors/shaking, and it feels like my body is shaking and vibrating constantly. My heart rate has gotten up to 125 BPM while I am shaking and anxious.  I can't decide if it's the calcium fluctuations that are causing this, the thyroid nodule, hormonal swings, or something worse.  I have a beta blocker propranolol that I used to take pre-op to deal with anxiety, which is helping now. I am also taking high doses of calcium for the next week, and wonder if this could be causing the symptoms, and whether I need to take more or less.

Anyway, I am just looking for some support and advice from others who have had surgery. I really had hoped I would feel miraculously better the way some patients do. I feel really lousy.

How long until these symptoms pass?

Thanks so much.

I was just so hopeful that this surgery would be a cure-all, and that I would feel better within days. Instead I feel quite a bit worse and even more symptomatic.
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Hi friend, we all hope for overnight recovery, but truth is no definite time for full recovery after any procedure or surgery, every individual is different, follow up with appts, take meds as instructed, and rest much as possible.  Address concerns with physician clinic or surgeon.

Anasthesia can make a person feel terrible for approx a week after procedure.  After my strabismus surgery, I felt paralyzed in bed for a week, with excruciating pains.  But no complications with anasthesia after thyroid surgery.  

Wishing you well on your journey.  
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