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Parpituary (sp) disorders in HIV positives

Ive been positive for 16  years and just actually found out 6 years ago when diagnosed with AIDS and  meningitis.  I wound up hospitalized for a month and went through test , transfusions and all kind sof stuff.  In short I almost died.  I am still here like a cockroach surviving end of days but developed a salivary gland disease and now the docs are saying my testosterone levels are way abnormal and want me to come in for more tests and bloodwork.  Ive been telling them I feel out of wack for the last few years and they attributed it to depression, now they are thinking it may actually be a physical thing and are wanting to get me on hormone replacement therapy and check my parpituary glands.  Do you think this may be what is causeing alot of my distress?  Its very annoying, my HIV is fine,,no viral and high (700plus) CD4 count.  Thanx Dave
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