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Pathology Results

Well, my surgeon just called to say that the "cancer was confirmed" and that "two of three lymph nodes tested positive".  Obviously the biggest blow was when I got my FNA results, I was expecting this, but the lymph node stuff freaks me out.  I just want that RAI as soon as humanly possible, so much so that I moved my appointment with my Endo (who participates in the process every step of the way) from Friday of next week to Tuesday.

I am freaking out about the lymph node involvement and I know there are others on this board who have had it and are doing well.  Any words of encouragement you can provide would be amazing.

Ugh.  What a day.  Hormone dump + cancer confirmation = YUCK.
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Shannon- I am so sorry, but you know what... Your about to kick some cancer @SS!!!!! We as your community and friends will be with you every step of the way!!!

You are in my prayers!!!

Many hugs and much love,
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Shannon, I'm very sorry to hear this, it time for your inner self to fight for yourself and believe you are stronger than this cancer. Look around you, see everyone you love and loves you, now love yourself more. You will be in our prayers and we will be here through this!

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You are young and strong and will beat this.Here is a website that might cheer you up in the meantime
About a woman named Kriss Karr who had a documentary on TLC last october and has wriiten a couple of books.The lowdown in 2003 at the age of 31 she had 24 cancerous tumors on her liver.They said nothing could be done.5 years later she is incredibly healthy.All she did was change her diet.She has been on oprah and a couple of other shows.Check her out her energy is inspirational.
Heres another one
had 2 rare cancers at a young age and was given 2 weeks to live.What did he do?He climbed Mt Everest for starters(with no climbing experience) and is alive and well years later.
Hang in there and stay positive and give your body healthy things!
To your Good Health
TT for hurthle cell carcinoma Dec 06
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I was also treated for thyroid cancer which was suspected beforehand but actually confirmed during my thyroid surgery. I also had lymph node involvment. The RAI treatment was successful and 'they' say if your're going to get cancer this is the one to get as it has a very successful outcome with RAI treatment. Stay positive and be proactive in managing your situation. What really helped me to understand what I would be experiencing were two books (found on Amazon) 'The Thyroid Cancer Book" and "Thyroid Cancer: A Guide for Patients'. Of course forums like these also help.        
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You seem like a strong person and that you are in good hands medically.  Know that everyone is here with you every step of the way - sharing experiences, information and strength.
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I can tell from your pictures and posts that you are an incredibly strong and independent woman, who has never EVER done anything and failed - this will be the same.

You will conquer this and look back to think it was something you had to do in your life, something that made you stronger, a fighter....not weaker - not EVER!

I'm thinking of you,

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I came back online to tell you I am thinking of you and we are here for you through this whole new chapter ..... [[[[ hugs ]]]]]
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It still feels like a kick to the gut doesn't it? Mine took a couple of days to sink in and feel like that.  That "C" word packs quite a punch. I'm sorry to hear it was confirmed (I was still holding out hope for you!) and that there was lymph node involvement, too.  

You are incredibly healthy and proactive about your health, and you are going to fight this thing and win.  We are all here for you every step of the way - just as you have been for us!!  

Thinking of and praying for/with you and sending you tons of good karma and energy,
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This is a frightening experience for you but we are here to listen and help you every step of the way.
I had many friends with various cancers and I have found two very good threads through all their treatments that has helped them succeed. 1) is to attune your body by meditation or just deep breathing in quiet time for yourself this brings down your stress levels and gives you body the quiet energy to go about its healing. 2) make sure that your diet is full of all the good foods that you need to allow your own system to fight for you and heal as quick as possible. Shannon I am sure I am preaching to the already converted but I know that sometimes everything starts getting rushed and hectic around treatment especially if you are not feeling well that it may not always be in the front of your mind.
Thinking of you from down under...bestest
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I'm sorry.  Did they happen to say what type of cancer???

It's going to take a while for it to fully sink in so be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions.  Anger is a good one though - it gets you moving.  Hang on through the denial, depression, etc. - they won't last too long.

My youngest sister had lymph node involvement and on her nuclear scan it was discovered she also had cancer spread into her breasts and neck.  Three doses of RAI later and she is clean!  She also celebrated 6 months after her last RAI by conceiving her *beautiful* daughter.   There is *LIFE* after a cancer diagnosis!!!

I learned something important through my cancer too - well, specifically during my recurrence - talk honestly with those who love you.  Often they haven't done the research that we have.  My recurrence sent my son (14 at the time) into a deep, deep depression and he became suicidal.  He was convinced that I was going to die.  I tried putting on a brave face for him and he thought that I was trying to say goodbye.  Yeah, that didn't come out until about a year later in his therapy.  *THAT* was a stomach-punch to me.  I had been so selfish by keeping all of my concerns and worries to myself that I didn't give him a chance to talk about his worries and concerns.

Share and lean on others!

Huge hugs!!

papillary carcinoma '03
recurrence and RAI '06 and probably '08
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I had the same blow hearing lymph nodes as well. That really just confirms you need RAI.  Good luck with everything.  You will be fine.  It is a tough road, but keep on top of your doctors.
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Thank you everyone for your responses.  I am so confused because they said that that the main tumor was encapsulated so I really don't understand how I could even have lymph node involvement.  My Endo says he would still stage me at Stage 1 because of my age and health level and said that "it probably sounds a lot worse than it actually is".  Um, yeah, it does.  Does anyone know how soon after surgery you can have RAI?  I think what makes me the most upset is that my nodule was discovered in November, dismissed as "nothing to worry about" and here we are in April with lymph node involvement!  "Good cancer" my foot!

I am definitely having a tough time, but I know the key to this whole thing will be my attitude and being positive.  Yesterday I was so angry at everyone and everything and today all those scary questions are running through my head (utah- your sister's situation scares the holy **** out of me).  I know I will make it through this, I will be OK and I will be a better and stronger person on the other side of this.

It's definitely time to kick some serious cancer butt.   Thank you for your support whilst I commence :)
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If it is papillary carcinoma it's not that unheard of for it to be in the lymph nodes but still be encapsulated.  Papillary carcinoma (PC) often has microcancers.  My cancer was a solitary 5mm, encapsulated nodule and no other caners were found on either of my surgeries yet three years later I had a recurrence.

I'm not sure how soon after surgery for the RAI - I've heard of some people having it just a few months later.  I think it depends on your health, your hospital's policy, and your doctors recommendations.

My sister's story wasn't meant to scare you, sorry.  I just wanted to let you know that there is HOPE and LIFE after a cancer diagnosis.  If you look at how many ~20yr olds have Stage II papillary carcinoma, it's pretty rare and she had a miserable time but things DID get better.  Much, MUCH better!!!

Hang in there and STAY STRONG!   Kick this cancer's a$$!!!!
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