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Pathology report of FNA

I just have one question. My Pathology report is below.

Hypo cellular specimen

Few bland groups of follicular epithelium consistent with a benign follicular nodule.

If there were only a few cells how can they be sure this was benign? I know the DR who did the FNA said she was having trouble getting samples. The 1x2 nodule was solid.

Should I be worried that maybe there wasn't enough specimen for the pathologist to really see what was going on with the nodule.

Should a benign sample have more than a few bland cells?

Just wanting to make sure I don't need to ask for another FNA.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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You may need to ask what was in the sample in addition to the follicular cells; if colloid, then the nodule is most likely of benign colloid type; if blood was present then the FNA can be repeated at next ultrasound
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Thanks for your response. I had issue getting a copy of the report from the new endo I was seeing and I will not be going back to her. I guess I can try and get in contact with the pathologist who read the report and see what else I can find out. I don't understand why thats all it said. You would have thought that there was more to the samples than just a few bland groups of follicular epithelium cells. I guess I'm just real worried they might be missing something. I think next I go have this done I'll go to Vanderbilt in Nashville.

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