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Pic of my Scar(s) 14mos later .. they do fade!!!!

Half the scar had abscess and the other side was ok and 1/4" above is where I had the infected granuloma removed 6 weeks post-op and he went deep to be certain got it all and that was benign .. scar tissue from an unknown infected cyst that infected the incision.

I know many have asked for a recent pic .. HERE IT IS!

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If you go into my profile and click on photos there is a before/after shot and they are much larger to really see how nicely it healed!

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Thank you!  Everyone tells me how nice my scar looks, but I disagree with that.  It's only been a few months, so I'll believe it really will get better.  Thank you again! wandy07
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Hey C -

I think the fella's on board aren't going to find that to appealing.

But it looks great.

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I have some cool scars.......makes me look tough!
Scars aren't so cool on girls. Glad you're healing like you want.
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Told ya C-

A  - typical guy.

I wonder how they feel about stretch marks??

I think they make me look cool :) Yeah right.

He probably has one teeny-tiny little dipple and thinks he looks like Rocky
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Remember, I was a bouncer for years.....I have MAN scars!
Rocky's a punk..........Steven Segal (his younger years)
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