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Please help figuring out the THS test !

hi all...

my THS - s is 0,440

is this okay or ...?

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I'm assuming that you meant TSH, not THS.  If so, the result is in the low end of the currently recommended reference range of .3-3.0.  That single test result is not adequate to determine anything about your thyroid condition.  As a start you need to also test for FT3 and FT4, which are the actual biologically active thyroid hormones.  Also, do you have any symptoms of thyroid problems?  
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yes i meant to type TSH - s 0,440, btw I cannot see FT3 or FT4 in the list, i only find T3 and T4... are they the same term ?

T3 = 0,89
T4 = 9,37

symptoms: insomnia, tremors (when hungry or after exercise), fatigue, VERY lack of concentration, short term memory lost, aggressive behavior, muscle ache and twitches, anxiety, pounding heart.

all the best to you
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thank you SO much you guys!
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