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Poll residual Hypothyroid symptoms

I like to start poll to see how many out there who has normal TSH level but still have lingering symptoms . I have been in Thyroid medicine for about an year or more but still my symptoms are completely gone .

My current TSH in Oct 24th  1.10 FT4 1.68


Musceles /Joint pain . Specially in the morning when i wake up i feel achy   after i take bath it get better.Pain in fingers /foot/calf muscles cramp .

Fatigue , not like before when i feel tired even at 12:00PM but now i get tired in the evening  which could be normal but i was not like that before.

Headaches,Not very day but  i do have headaches more often then before i diagnose.

Hives/Pimples:- I notice some small pimples  which could be represet mosquito bite kind of thing . Those are in head and here and there in my body . Dry skin which may cause itchy and leave red patch that can be Hives.

Very Dry mouth , that can even leave white tongue doesn't like to be thrush but not sure.

Kind of sleep apnea , very hard to sleep. I am writing this post at 5:31am PST :-)

Please every share your current symptoms even when your level are normal  and also if you feel good how much time you wait after your tsh level got normal.
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Please participate in this poll .
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Another symptoms i want to add in my list of symptoms not sure that is common in Hypothyroidism .

vibrating feeling in legs when in bed that give me hard time to sleep , could it be Restless leg syndrome ?.

Please guys share your symptoms , i am going nuts with these symptoms and think i am the only one.
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No one is interested in participate in this poll.Please vent here what symptoms you have with your current level .
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I am waiting to have another blood test as my tsh is the lowest it has been in 2 years since this all started.  It was 2 weeks ago 3.5 , t4 I believe is 1.6.  I don't feel ok and I am concerned it could have gone below normal in the last 2 weeks.  I have been having anxiety for over a week and my thoughts are weird.  Things that I usually can handle I am not handling very well.  I am weak in the legs, arms.  I haven't had headaches for 30 years - I am having slight ones now.  I get terrible muscle cramps in my legs top and bottom.  I woke the other morning with tingling in my upper arms and head.  My eyes are dry and I have to use drops and my vision is not as good as it used to be.  I have spasms in my back - I don't have back problems, my cholesterol is over 300.  My appetite is compulsive -  I have gained 20 lbs and stuggeling not to gain more.  I have tried limiting my calories, low carbs.  I just have trouble doing it.  I have also been diagnosed with celiac disease, candidia - am still being checked for that - going to make an appointment with GI doctor.  I have been going to a holistic MD.  I am struggeling with fear of all of this and I am not that young.  I feel the Lord has told me to give Him a year so that does give me confidence that it will eventually get straightened out.   I have nodules on my neck that interfer at times with my life because they pain me and make me cough and if I turn my head they sometimes interfer with my breathing.  It is hard to get answers for all these things.  Prior to getting hashimoto I hadn't been to a doctor in years.  I was periodically getting my thyroid checked but otherwise I was healthy - at least I thought so.  Sorry for all the complaints but to answer your question - I am in the normal range now but have all of the above symptoms left.  I donot have the brain fog as much and I donot or didnot have the anxiety like I did but certainly donot feel the confidence in myself that I used to feel.  I also have the leg problems at times, sometimes both legs and tonight only my left leg.  I find that if I stretch it and put pressure on it it helps.  I wondered about the restless leg syndrome.   Obviously at the time I am writing this I am still up.  I usually sleep but do have times of not sleeping.  I try to stay busy when this happens and then usually early in the morning I fall asleep.  I can't sleep late as I have to be up at 6:30 but most days I can take a nap if I need to.    I am sorry that you are having problems  but I believe that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord God delivers me out of them ALL.  Thanks for the poll -  It helps to know I am not alone.  I forgot I am fatigued which is different than being tired.  Sleep doesn't help it if you know what I mean.   praying for you in Md.  linda
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Thanks Linda for writing your symptoms here . The main idea of this poll is to know there are people out there who are suffering similar and we are not making it up when giving those symptoms to our Endo.
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Where to start....
I am not normal yet, I have  a long history of hashimotos and graves, took RAI treatment 6 months ago. For 18 yrs I swung back and forth. I actually have only felt good about 3 yrs of this, at which time my levels must have been ok. Symptoms have been numerous from extreme exhaustion, dizziness, heart problms, muscles, mind confusion, anxiety , depression, messed up periods, muscle swelling, messd up blood sugar levels, weight loss gain, and pain in my whole body, mostly shoulders and muscles swell, swelling thyroid on ad GI problems , constipation and diareah.
I'm unsure why dr's don't believe us when there are so many of us going through the same stuff.
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