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Positive RAI stories

Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with Graves and have been to two endos who both want to do RAI.  I have a low white blood cell count, so they don't want to do anti-thyroid meds.  I am extremely afraid of RAI after reading sooooo many horror stories.  I am looking for some positive stories of people who had no problems and didn't gain tons of weight.  The doctors make it sound like there is nothing to it.  Please help.
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Sorry, I  don't have any RAI experience to relate, but had a total thryroidectomy for Graves two years ago - it accomplishes the same result as RAI but in somewhat quicker fashion.

I have worked hard over the past 2 years to keep my weight to where it was when I had the surgery.  I have gained some and lost some, but have managed to keep my weight stable.  The key is to get your thyroid levels stable so you aren't hypo all the time - that is what leads to weight gain in a lot of cases.

I hope you get some positive RAI stories, but don't be discouraged if you don't get many.  That doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any, just that people who have had positive experiences with RAI for Graves are feeling well and aren't looking for answers on a board like this right now.  I wish you the best.
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I had the RAI treatment and Im exactly sure what you are looking for when you say "positive stories."

I had the treatment in December '07 and I went from hyper He\\ to hypo He\\.  I would be glad to answer what I know that happened to me.

I have heard that its best to get the thyroidectomy, however I was not given that choice.

Please ask away and I will tell you what I know.

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I just had RAI almost three weeks ago. No Hellish stories yet...feel fine other than taste buds out of wack. I have hyperthryroid and after RAI uptake it was decided this was the best course of treatment. I am glad that I didnt have to go with the med adjustment thing..that sounds slow and unpredictable.
Yell if you need support-Been there
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      I had an RAI in Feb. My TSH is on the rise, but slowly.  I have felt fine. No problems, and i feel great.  Have lost some energy lately, but no massive wt gain. Am holding my own so far.  You will need to start an exercise prog. of some kind to keep you active to help with the wt thing I think.  But i have been walking my dog every day for over 2 years and so i get my exercise.
     Do what you think is best for you.  I can only say, I still feel great at this moment.
     God bless
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