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Possible Hashimoto's and cross sex hormones

I am a biological female taking testosterone dues to a diagnosis of body dysphoria. During some blood tests over the last year, they have found thyroid antibodies; my TSH seems to be going up and down, and I have super low Vitamin D, but my T3 and T4 remain stable. Is anyone here on cross-sex hormones, or has an idea of what this may be doing to my thyroid?  I am 19 and have been more tired over the last few years. I have gained weight and reduced immunity in the last three years. We did not do any blood tests for immunity, assuming it was just part of growing up. I would appreciate it if anyone had information on how cross-sex hormones (specifically testosterone) can affect my thyroid or why my TSH has gone up and down this year.  I have had a couple of opinions, from "Don't worry about it, it will be years before your thyroid has issues" to "You need to do something before it gets worse" My Mom is concerned as she does not know what effect testosterone has on my thyroid and what to expect and she finds it hard to get information from my current Endo as they do not think there is an issue.

TPO - 13.0 (0.0 - 9.0 IU/mL) (they have not repeated this test)
Vitamin D - The last three tests: 14 LOW  - 23 LOW  -  24 LOW (last 3 tests) (Range 30 - 100 ng/mL) They have prescribed Vitamin D, which has helped a bit)
TSH - The last four tests: 2.660. -  2.380  -  6.010 HIGH  -  1.990 (Range 0.380 - 5.330 uIU/mL)
T4 - The last 4 tests: 1.06 -  1.11  - 1.30  - 1.16 (Range 0.93 - 1.70 ng/dL)
T3 - The last four tests: 3.23. - 3.54. - 3.95  - 3.28 (Range 2.00 - 4.40 pg/mL)

Thank you

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