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Possible Hypothyroid? Help with my test results

Age = 33
Weight = 223

I wanted to get some advice based on my test results. I am tempted to try Thyrogold or some other natural Thyroid supplement to see if there is improvement, but want to assess the risk is doing so. Any help is appreciated.

[b]TSH[/b] = 2.93 uIu/ML ("Normal Range" = 0.10 - 5.50)

Note: TSH has been as high as 4.04 when tested about a year ago. Normally test between 2.6 and 3

[b]Total T-3[/b] = 67ng/dl ("Normal Range" = 50-170)
* Doctor wouldn't test FREE T-3 for some reason

[b]Free T-4[/b] = 0.9 ng/dl ("Normal Range" = 0.8-1.7)

[b]Other test[/b]

[b]Cortisol Serum[/b] = 11.7 ug/dl

[b]Cortisol Total, AM[/b] = 12.5 ug/dl ("Standard Range 8.0-25.0")

[b]ACTH[/b] = 22 pg/ml ("Standard Range 1000 (standard range  = > 200)

[b]Testosterone Total[/b] = 447 ng/dl ("Standard Range" > 220")

[b]Cholesterol[/b] = GREAT!

Other test taken such as White Blood count, Vitamin D, Glucose etc...

For the last 5 years or so I have had a list of symptoms that are not debilitating  but certainly have affected my life. Through personal research and monitoring my health I had come up with Adrenal Fatigue as a possibility. Read Dr. Wilsons book, did the pupil contraction test etc...

I had never thought about Thyroid as a possible issue. The more I read it really sounds like possibly Hypothyroid. Of course all my test results are in "normal range", but the symptoms are still there. It seems like many of you had the same, but some have found help by self supplementation.

More background... Used to be 292 lbs at my heaviest. Did Atkins in 2005 and lost 50 lbs. Have dieted off and on since then and got down at one point to 206. I eat fairly low to moderate carb because when I eat carbs I tend to crash. My weight fluctuates greatly when seemingly no change in diet. I love to workout and exercise, but for the last year or so when I go to the gym, after about two weeks by body just crashes, I start getting a cold or flu symptoms and my energy is severely low.

Below are some other symptoms that I have that seem to be Thyroid related:

Often feeling cold (always. People often comment on how cold my hands are)
Cold hands and feet (average body temp = 96.8 – 97.2)
Long recovery period after any activity
Chronic Low Grade Depression
Hard stools
No eyebrows or thinning outer eyebrows
Dry Hair
Dry cracking skin
Nodding off easily
Requires naps in the afternoon
Inability to concentrate or read long periods of time
Inability to lose weight
Always gaining weight
NO sex drive
Dry skin or snake skin
Ringing in ears
Lactose Intolerance
Inability to eat in the mornings
Joint pain
Excessive fatigue and exhaustion
Non-refreshing sleep (you get sufficient hours of sleep, but wake fatigued)
Feeling rundown or overwhelmed
Consistent lack of energy
Feeling unrested
Low stamina
Muscular weakness
Slow to recover from exercise, injury, illness or stress
Poor digestion (have a BM once every 2-3 days)
Extreme sensitivity to cold
Afternoon “low” from 2 to 4 pm, followed by an energy boost at 6pm
Feeling sleepy at 10pm, but resisting going to sleep
Suffering from mood swings, mild depression
Lightheadedness when getting up from a sitting or lying down position
Decreased sex drive
Frequent sighing
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Many people will have hypo symptoms in the low end of the ranges - your low in T3. T4. Find a Dr that will test FT3.

Hypo symptoms are not like an on/off light switch, more like a dimmer knob.

You list many hypo symptoms.

For a better picture of your adrenal fatigue; a saliva adrenal test shows levels 4 times per day. Insurance will not cover it, about $150 US.

If adrenals are only somewhat low, there are some natural herbs and vitamins that can help, plus many vitamin stores carry adrenal stress mixtures.

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