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Post menopausal anxiety/panic/anger - Thyroid?

I'm postmenopausal for 2 years. I went thru 10 years of menopause with daily hot flashes, not one good night's sleep in 6 of those years, lots of sweating, and severe mood changes. I've developed severe anxiety/panic/anger. It's gotten worse and worse over the last 3 or 4 years and it's debilitating at this point. I feel 'trembly' inside and sometimes get twitches. I feel angry and panicky all of the time. The standard TSH tests keep coming back 'just fine' but I'm sure I've got adrenal fatigue.  I need to find out what's going on with my hormones.  I'm considering doing saliva testing. Does anyone have any experience with these tests? Has anyone experienced this kind of condition?
Thank you
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you need to have more comprehensive testing than just the TSH.  Also what is your TSH level (and the reference ranges, please)?

Ask them to test FT3 and FT4 and antibodies.  They should also be able to test adrenal hormones.
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Yes, I agree you need to have Free T3, Free T4 checked too. My TSH was borderline normal but my free T's were below normal. I too, have similar symptoms such as insomnia, sweats/hot flashes, mood changes, heart palps and anxiety!!!
Get adrenal testing done and hormones checked. I am starting adrenal therapy and am on bioidentical hormones. Just taking the  hormone progesterone has helped me sleep some better and my mood/anxiety alot. Find some good drs to help you in this area.
Good luck to you.
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You sound like you are hyper.......get yr FT3, FT4 , TSH and a TSI test done to check for Graves Disease.
I too...blamed my symptoms on the Menopause and I am now 6 years post menopause.
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Hi, I am a mess too and get that trembly inside feeling too...hard to describe to others, but I know exactly what you mean. I have struggled to get regulated, but wanted to comment on the anxiety/ panic attack symptoms. Years ago, I suffered from panic attacks and after much testing, many drugs, went to a nutritionist who saved my life!  She took me off all and I mean ALL caffiene and put me on B Complex, after about 2 weeks of headaches from caffiene withdrawal, I never had another one.  I had attempted to use light caffiene during the first week and still had one, she was adamant about none!  That was many years ago and now I can tolerate coffee in the morning. Its just a thought, it really helped me with at least anxiety and some of the irratibility! Good luck
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Work is so intense but I never even considered anxiety as a reason for 10 postmenopausal years of insomnia.  I'm sick of the drugs.  Had a really bad hallucinagenic experience with Ambien CR.  Thanks for helping me consider anxiety as possible source.
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