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Postpartum Graves

Hi everyone -

I am a 34 year old woman just diagnosed with Graves Disease a couple of weeks ago with a TSH of <0.03, FT4 of 67, FT3 of 2092 and TSI of 163.  I am 3 months postpartum and am breastfeeding my little guy with a plan to do so for probably 15 months total.  Currently, I am on Metoprolol and PTU, but I am highly considering a total thryoidectomy so that he doesn't get the effects of PTU or BB and so that I don't have to deal with this for the rest of my life (including another possible pregnancy).  I will not get RAI because of the radiation effects, but I'm wondering if I am making a rash decision?  Have any of you breastfed while on PTU and BB - how often did your babies get monitored?   Did any of them develop hypothyroidism?  Also, for those of you who have had a TT, are there any NEGATIVES (other than the risks  - i.e., laryngeal nerve damage or parathyroid damage) to getting a TT?  And finally, are there any women out there who had a TT and then got pregnant?  Given that you still have the antibodies, were there any effetcs on the baby or yourself postpartum?    

Thanks so much in advance for your opinions.  I'm pretty sad right now knowing that I have a chronic condition - I'm such an active person and I don't want to be hindered.  :(  
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Hi and Welcome to our Community!  I'm not an expert in Graves but wanted to stop by and say hi!

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I went through two hyperthyroid pregnancies. And PTU usage while breastfeeding. It made me a nervous wreck to BF with PTU. But the amout tranfered via breast milk is very small. I had my kids tested just to ease my nerves and there thyroid functions remained normal through out breast feeding (BF each one, 1 and 1/2 years).

The pediatrition said they usually dont monitor kids BF with mother using PTU cause the amount is so small.

Pregnancy and postpartum AND breastfeeding can alter your thyroid levels. unless you are experiencing major health issues I would not jump into TT. Are your levels well maintained with the medication? If so there is no reason to go for perm fix right away until you have had time to really investigate the choice you are going to make.

You are making a desision that will alter perm your body and how it functions. I was on PTU all totally close to 4 years till I was done having children and the baby was weaned.

Listen you are going to be "hindered" either way, all choices in this thyroid areana lead to daily medication.

The Metoprolol tells me your experiencing the heart palpatations. Hopefully those will ease once your TSh is lowered back into the normal range.

Peace be the journey

Paja - Graves since the 80's, first pregnacy 35, second 40, PTU usage both and during breastfeeding, RAI 6-08
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I understand where you are coming from i am also 3 months postpartum and all of my tests have come back messed up for my thyroid. i had a hypothyroid for many years but after i had my daughter things have gone terribly wrong. i am growing a goiter that is now semi noticeable when people look at me. i am awaiting a diagnosis still. just wanted to let you know u are not alone and best of luck!
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Yes, I'm having classic symptoms including a resting heart rate of 120 when not on Metoprolol (108 now - working to get it below 90), heart rate of 140 when I walk up one flight of stairs, shortness of breath, diarrhea, dripping sweats, hair loss, etc.  This is why  I am on meds.  I've only been on meds for a week so I'm not sure how meds are affecting my levels as of yet.  

It just seems that many people take meds for a long time and then ultimately end up having RAI or a TT.  Makes me wonder why not just get the TT now ...  Paja's point aout how thyroid levels are altered during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding is very well taken...

Thanks so much for responding.  I really appreciate it.  
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Just keep this in mind ...they can replicate thyroid hormone pretty good....but cannot duplicate it.

You are making a permanite change to your body and how it will function.

Pregnancy CAN monkey with your thyroid function tempararilly. You may go into remission. My opinion is if medically safe, hold off on jumping into a perm fix until its learned if your hyperness is a side effect of pregnancy vs Graves.

These symptoms are normal post-partum stuff - " diarrhea, dripping sweats, hair loss,"

Im sorry you having to deal with all this crud while you should be recovering and snuggin your little one. Another thing I recall reading is TT can effect breast milk supply....so you should investigate that also.

Be sure to avoid any cardio-type workout or excersie that elevates your pulse till you get your heart rate down. Now isnt the time to be playing super-mama. Graves can cause long term heart damage. Your health should be the number one priority now. You want to be there for your family.

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