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Preparing for total thyroid removal

In March 2012, it was discovered that i have toxic multinodular thyroid, with three nodules over 2 cm, all on different quadrants of my thyroid.  I have been referred to a surgeon.  My family doctor started me on 50 mg on metoprolol in March to treat the rapid heartbeat (120 resting) He started me on medication to get the hyperactive thyroid levelled out in preparation for surgery, 10 mg of tapazole in July.  At the end of August he increased tapzole to 20 mg a day.  Since then I have been experiencing weak spells.  My most recent bloodwork is  Free T3 4.8 (range 3.1 - 6.8), Free T4 9.78 (range 12 - 22) and TSH .06 (range .27 - 4.20).  My questions are:  Are the current medication doses adequate and necessary for moving me to a closer to normal ranges prior to surgery? Should there be any changes to the current medications because of the weak spells that have started? Your opinion would be appreciated.  
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ok i am not getting this, is tried to post this to "ask a doctor" forum, can anybody help me out with getting this to the forum i wanted.
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Hi there -

Our Thyroid Expert forum is currently not accepting new questions, but I will move this to our Thyroid Disorders Community, and I'm sure members will be able to help.

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also you may want to post this in the member forum for thyroid cancer.  there are some folks on there that have been through the same thing.  
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The radioactive iodine therapy option should also be reviewed
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have reviewed it......not going that way
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I had the RAI thearpy after hitting a thyroid storm. I had graves/hyper/toxic goiter. The RAI did not work for me & I developed thyroid eye disease. One month after that I hit another thyroid storm, so had to have the TT.

This was almost 19yrs ago. Dosage changes were and still are my biggest issues. To much, or too little...and things change as we age.

I can't say which one is better for everyone is different. My twin sister did her RAI end of July, & she wished they would have done the surgery. She was also diagnosed with hyper/graves. Hers however was caught early, mine was undiagnosed for 6 months back then and everything was blamed on post partum depression. I had a son 6 months prior & worked full time.
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my mother in law chose RAI.  A few years later, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that had allready spread. She died a few years later.  Makes me think that had she done surgery in the first place, maybe the cancer would have been found in the early stages and would have been treatable.  So I am opting for surgery.  
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