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Purple Hands

I've been hyper and warm--

All of a sudden, my fingernails are purple/blue--I mean almost white.
My hands turned deep purple--even my legs.

I only used to do this when really hypo??

I've been eating a ton of pizza--it is full of iodized salt--which I avoid because it usually makes me swell up like a balloon--I'm swelling now.

Oh my goodness...I'm not sure what to do.

Has anyone experience this before?

My next endo appt is at the end of March.  I can get my meds (hopefully) corrected then.

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Maybe all this salt pushed my body into hypo?

I've been craving Italian food like nuts since I've been hyper.
I mean--I've eaten a whole pizza--and then some.
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That is what happened to me!!

My body must have craved salt in order to bring down my thyroid hormones..I am freezing my tale off--I haven't been cold in a month!!!

I guess if you are hyper (from meds or Grave's) you should eat as much fast food and/or pizza as you can hold:)

However, as shown in Table 4, if you have a problem with your thyroid, that problem could make you more likely to develop a change in thyroid function if you take in too much iodine in your diet or in other ways. That would be true, for example, if you ever had hyperthyroidism due to a generalized overactivity of your thyroid gland (diffuse toxic goiter or Graves' disease) or if you have a low-grade inflammation of your thyroid known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis (Hashimoto's disease).

Either condition would give you a tendency to develop hypothyroidism if you were exposed to even a modest amount of extra iodine. In fact, patients who have had Graves' disease have become hypothyroid after ingesting as little as 18 milligrams of iodine per day.

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talkin about cold i do also. i wear 3 shirts every days  still can't get warm and 2 pairs of leggies thick socks gotta ahve heat . i eat a bag of butter popcorn every day just get the salt i want.or salted crackers.
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Hey Starr,

I've been through that--that is no fun.  You might want to lay off the salt though.
I know I'm hypo when my legs and hands go purple--my doctor was always amazed at how purple I would become in his office--I could not stand the air conditioning--not even in AL heat and woolen sweaters.  He used to warm up my room for me...I miss that kind of doctor.

Try a warm bath with olive oil.  It boosted my warmth--and it made my skin and mind clearer--the smell did.

I can't tub soak in this new ancient townhouse we rented from www.rent.com.

I don't recommend renting before seeing:)

Our tub looks--well--we jump in and out of it...magic eraser and scrubbing bubbles and clorax--well--just don't make a dent:(
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I have to be warm.i can take heat for 20 mintues then have to come back in side.some thing gotta give i am misable with   this thyroid.Even food beginnin to stink
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I have days were I barely eat, but for the past few days, I have been eating like a pig.

I notice that I always burn up my car heater, and then I immediately switch it to a/c.  I can't get comfortable.

I guess it is a thyroid thing.

Hope you feel better soon.
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