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Question about Cytomel

Are there many people out there taking Cytomel (T3) as well their T4 for treatment of Hashis?  I am in the process of changing Drs. My last Dr. was very emphatic about the importance of balancing the T3 and T4, but I have heard that some med. professionals only concentrate on T4.  
I'm wondering what to expect with a new practitioner...
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I'm not sure what you'll find with your poll, but my guess is that there will be very few using both T3 & T4.  I take a combo of Levothyroxine and Cytomel since I had a TT for cancer last year.  My doc believes as yours does.  Most here (I think, can't speak for everyone) take Armour (pig thyroid) if they want a combo.  Although the ratio of T3 to T4 is slightly higher than a human's, but most who take it seem to do well and post thusly. My impression is that the majority believe that unless you have a conversion problem (T3 numbers low and T4 high), one should not take T3.

I believe that most endos are not as educated on the use of T3, and therefore unwilling to experiment with the newer treatments.  Your profile does not list where you live.  If you are in a major city, you should be able to find a doc who will treat you as you were being treated previously.  Especially if you were doing well.  I used Top Docs to find my endo along with recommendations from friends.  Good luck with your journey.
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It's truly against my religion to take pigs thyroid but it was also against my relgion to remove my thyriod! I am on Armour because doctors can't figure out that TT people need both T3 & T4 until they themselves have to face it! Not prould only trying to survive.
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I am on synthroid 100 and cytomel 10. I take 5  in the a.m. and 5 at 2pm About to up the dose to two in the morning and one in the afternoon.  I haven' had any bad side effects yet, but will let you know.  It sure makes me feel more awake in the morning.  No problem getting up to make breakfast for the family and then hitting the gym for two hours.  So far so good.  I am only seeing a  regular doctor, but will look for an endo soon.  G
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I take 2.5 cytomel along with iodine drops for thyroid nodules.  At first I was feeling terrific and had more energy than I've had in years, but now am having headaches. Maybe I'm loaded up and need to cut back. I'm due to go back in.
Cytomel is not a standard treatment alone and I've found a lot of controversial info and bad reports about body builder abuse.  I have some questions for my Dr now, about it's use at all.
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The studies regarding the benefits of Cytomel are few, a pharmacist friend of mine found one, with numerous studies suggesting there was no benefit. Basically if you feel better on Cytomel, stay on it. My daughter takes both Synthroid and Cytomel and feels better with the Cytomel. I, myself, take just Synthroid.
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I haven't felt this good in years and really don't want to go off of the Cytomel.
The iodine alone didn't seem to do it for me, but I do like the Cytomel and
'find' myself doing stuff, instead of trying to figure out how I'm going to get another nap.
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Here is a whole bunch of reading on Cytomel or T3... very interesting stuff.

I myself take Armour and have felt a big difference. I am on my way to feeling much better! I would not go back to synthroid without cytomel.

A question to ponder......If the thyroid is where most of your T4 conversion takes place, for those without a thyroid, what helps them to convert T4 to T3 efficiently??
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The thyroid is not where conversion takes place. It takes place in the liver, other organs, and body tissue.

That link is a bunch of voodoo bunk. Please find a more reputable link to use. It is not interesting or useful information. It is old, it's a site selling products, and all the links that include the name Wilson are full of misinformation.

They are selling product there, not dispensing good information.
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I believe in T3 whether it is in a combo med as Armour - Thyrolar - or Westroid.

I also believe taking Cytomel along with Synthroid gives an added benefit to most people experiencing hypo symptoms.

I again have been on a T4 med alone and had no benefit from the drug and was terribly ill.

Since I went to a T3/T4 med - I have a better sense of well being  

I am thankful I had the courage to ignore the stereo types of only one med is needed and doctors one path thinking of only treating with a T4 med.

I found a qualified licensed MD physician that was willing to listen to my issues and treat outside the "box".

These additional medications would not be out there IF they weren't needed by some thyroid patients.

I hope if you chose to try a T3 or a T3/T4 combo  --it helps you get back the quality of life so many people only dream about returning to them after thyroid disease hit them.

Good Luck
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I am also looking for someone to prescribe T3.  I am on syntyroid and have seen no improvement in symptoms.  My GP thinks I have some other autoimmune going on and has sent me to rhuemy for tests.  Should get them back in about 3 weeks.  I think I just need some T3.  
I have already asked for referral to endo.

Hope things work out for you.
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Try a search using the words "T3 & T4 combo therapy".  Lots of info.
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Your can look up a search for top thyroid doctor directory -
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