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Question about Thyroid, Anemia, PMS, and Depression!

Its been almost a year now when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I have been taking meds for that (a small dose like 50mkg I think?) It has been in the safe levels now everytime I get it checked. I also have SEVERE periods and this has been going on since I was 21 or so.. I am now 33. I am over weight probably about a 100 pounds now. My periods start spotty then gets SO heavy I have to use the biggest tampos they make and thick long pads. Also because I have these heavy long periods that can last for 2-4 months at a time I get very anemic and have to take iron suppliments. I got so anemic from blood loss last year I had to have a blood transfusion! I was feeling better for a while after that and my amemia got better, and my periods got shorter and not as heavy. I actually had a few that were almost normal, meaning they lasted a little over a week. BUT.. I am now again going back down hill.. I am on my period now and it has been 2 months straight of constant bleeding. I sleep all the time, I am tired all the time, I am in a very bad mood alot, angry at everything in life! I can not stand myself any more, I feel disgusted everytime I look in a mirror! My husband is annoyed with me and hates that I sleep all the time, he hates that I jump on him for nothing because I feel bad.. He talks about how depressed he is now and that our life just *****. Yea I guess I agree.. he married me 12 years ago and we were supposed to make a family. Well that is when my period problems started and we have never been able to make a child and I know he resents me for that. HE wants to divorce me I know it.. but I will not let him. I feel like everything is messed up in my life because of my screwed up body!! Why do have so many health problems? I dont have insurance and I have a crappy job that pays just over minimum wage. Why? I have to work somewhere where I can sit down and be close to a toilet at all times. Because when I start bleeding during the heavy times which can last for weeks I will buy the super plus tampons by th 32 packs and keep them crammed in my purse and in the car. If not I will bleed out everywhere in minutes! I kid you not! I went to the ER one time because I could not get a pad or tampon to hold blood more than 10min! They checked me down there with a sonagram type machine I think and blood ran all down the table and on the floor. The nurse freaked out and called in more doctors and they thought I was bleeding internally! Nope just my period.. it ***** more than anything!! I hate that I am fat, I am anemic, I now have Hypothyroidism, my periods last for months, I am depressed and have bad thoughts sometimes about ending it all.. It would not take no time to bleed out and die that's for sure!! :( .. My husband can not stand me.. I know it! He stays gone all the time, hides in the other room for hours watching tv. We barely talk because I am so grouchy or I am sleeping or at work.
I work over nights also and he hates that too. What am I going to do??!! I mean everything in my life *****! You should see my house! It is a total wreck! From not wanting to clean and from having too many animals you have no clue...... My life is almost not worth it anymore. :(
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I forgot to add.. my heart flutters and jumps around for some reason on and off. I was told before when I went to the ER for the blood trans. that I was on the verge of a heart attack because my iron count was down to a 7 or 9 I forgot.. but anyway it was VERY low. So low that my legs were sweeling up huge because my heart could not get enough blood pumped down there.
You know I take all my meds but yet my periods still get heavy and when my iron is up and good, as soon as I have my period it drops down and here I am anemic again. I feel so bad right now I may have to go back to the ER.
Oh and I cant go to the ER where I live now because they said without insurance they can't see you no matter what. That is what they told me. So I have to drive to another city just to check myself in the ER. This is just horrible!
Is it possible I can just get a hysderectomy (sorry about miss spell) and stop all this bleeding and anemia problems? If I do I can NOT tell my husband because he still hopes for a child someday... I am not trying to be mean but I love my husband and I can not lose him. He is all I have.. :(...
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Sorry you are suffering so bad with all this..Hypo can cause period problems, have you been having regular blood tests to see if this is the right dose for you now? Can you post those results on here?
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To add to more problems.. I have recently developed a scalp problem. It stays sed and itchy and has been flaking alot. After I blow dry my hair my scalp is red for hours and my dryer do not get very hot at all. When I pull my hair close to my scalp it turns white (my scalp) then let go it turns back to red. Almost looks like a sun burn but its not, I never get out in the sun much at all.

Also, my eye sight is getting so very bad and my eyes get blood shot alot and hurt like pressure behind the eyes. I wear glasses mainly just at night when my vision is worse. The last time I seen a eye doctor well over 4 years ago he told me it looked like I may have glaucoma, and that I had signs of it. He told me to please come back for further testing. Well, I do not have eye insurance and can't afford it. So I guess I will go blind.

Am I dying? Because this is ALOT to deal with.. I do not know anyone with as many health problems as I do. I mean come on!! What did I do so bad in my early years to diserve all of this! :(..
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The last time I went in for a iron level test 2 months ago it was good, at a 16 I think she said? But then I started my period just after and its been going since. :(
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Oh sorry you meant the Thyroid level.. I will have to wait till I go back to the doctor to tell you. When they give me the results it always "Yes your ok, your in the right levels." Never a number..
I go to a community clinic and have like madicaid or something so its discounted for me.

I also wanted to add to the list my teeth. I have over 6 cavities and had to have 3 of them pulled in the last few months. I also have a popping left jaw.
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What about your thyroid levels? have they been done recently? Also if you would like to speak to others in a similar situation with your relationship there is a group called relationships on here, it might be helpful for you as well.A hysterectomy would of course stop the terrible periods, i dont know about the iron though..But this is a decision you have to make, but it is something you should discuss with your hubby..
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