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RAI treatment, ablation, scan diet

Hi there! New to this forum. I'm a gal who has been hyper for years with graves. I'm profusely sweating, gaining weight and not able to get insurance w/o being hypo for a year.I'm supposed to be level on my blood work or a little bit low/high, not sure. I'm having bad joint pains too and developed a tigger finger out of the blue. I'm having a RAI scann in a couple weeks. What are your experiences with the ablations and going hypo, good, bad otherwise?

Also am confused as whether I can have bits of soy products on the low iodine diet for the next two weeks and has anyone found any good ketchup, butter-type, mayo substitues? Help Please
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NO soy on the LID. I did not have to go hypo as I took Thyrogen.  There is a good recipe for salad dressing on the LID diet which is at thyca.org.
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RAi is the final treatment after all others failed.  One should try to use thyroid med to control the graves hyper symptoms at least for 2 years and hope your hyper goes away by itself. If you can not control your graves symptoms by meds or you allergy to thyroid meds, then it is time to consider RAI or surgery.  Most people becomes Hypo after RAI, and needs take daily supplements for life. but their hypo condition seems easier to control compare to the hyper side. Also long term taking thyroid meds may cause liver damage, white blood cell problem, bone lose etc. , you need to watch these side effects if you take thyroid meds for more than 2 or 3 years..        
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Thank you so much for responding. I've been on PTU for about 8 years. I'm just wondering if it's time for the ablation. PLUS I can't get health insurance (not on with a group) with graves.

The LID question is for a thyroid scan. My Dr. says I need to do the LID for the scan and the scan clinic says I don't need to do it. Oh well, I think I'll do what my Dr. says. It's yucky not having milk, eggs dairy, etc but I'm surviving. Thanks for your help!
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