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RAI treatment expectations??

Hi, I'm not having my thyroid out. The surgeon refused saying that in "My condition, there is a 99% chance I would die on the table."  EEK!!

So, now I see the endocrinologist on Friday to go over lab results and schedule the RAI treatment.  My lab results weren't as good as he wanted so he doubled my methimazole to 10 mg twice a day.

What should I expect besides "quarantine"...ha ha!
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Are you having a partial ablation or a full ablation?

Do you have to be off Methimazole for several weeks before RAI?
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Your experience with RAI is going to be different from many of us on this forum so just keep that in mind.  Most of us posting on here right now have gone through RAI for cancer so when you hear about people going through hypohell, realize that is something that you aren't going to have to do because you aren't naturally hypothyroid without meds.  (LUCKY YOU!!)

I'm just saying that so when you read about some of the RAI experiences some have had with RAI (severe muscle aches, arthritis, depression, a horrible diet, etc.) is for those who have had to go through RAI for cancer and most of those effects come from extremely high TSH levels.  Also realize that the levels of radiation given to us cancer patients is much, much higher than the dose given for hyperthyroidism.

Here are a few links about the RAI treatment you will be undergoing:

There are a few on this forum who have been through what you will be going through.

Sounds like it sure beats the option that your surgeon gave you!  (Eeeek!)

Hang in there
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