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I am on 112mcg of Levothyroxine. My current TSH is 6.510, he is increasing my Levo. to 125, then another level in 6weeks. I am 52, workout, eat fairly well, weigh 148# with a BMI of 24. I want to know why this went up so high since my normal level last March. What things, meds., ect could have caused this. Thank you.
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I don't understand your question.  It sounds as though you may have Hashimoto's and your thyroid function is decreasing gradually, causing a need for higher doses of medication.

Please post your current thyroid labs, with reference ranges (which vary from lab to lab, so must come from your own report), so members can better assess your testing/treatment.

Could you also be more specific about symptoms, such as weight - are you gaining weight?  That's a common symptom of being hypo.
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Sometimes there is no reason for the TSH changes. I was on 200mcg of thyroid medication for 10 yrs , then I was on 175mcg, then 150 mcg, then for the last 4yrs 125mcg. Now for the last 7 months I have had to increase dosage to 150mcg , then 175mcg (currently).

I don't have a thyroid, (tt-1994)but yet I still go up & down with TSH levels. I eat healthy & am active (well I work & do the house work) as much as I want to be....

I am not over weight. I think maybe aging changes our hormone levels somehow, especially if your a woman.

At least that is my thinking.
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