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Radio Active Iodine Treatment - would you have it?

Would you have Radio Active Iodine Treatment if your Endro said that was the best option?  
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Actually I have had RAI.  But it's still early and I can't tell you if I am happy with the results or not.  Stay tuned.  
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depends on the situation.  if i needed it for cancer the answer would be a definite yes
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I tried to also list the options of but it wouldn't let me:

Yes, if cancerous or life threatening

I also meant to include the request for why you chose the treatment or not & what lead you to that decision.

Thanks for the replies.
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I also have had RAI. I think if told all of the complications of RAI before treatment many would think twice.  I went in telling all the professionals my eyes were acting up. They insisted I had to rush to have RAI.. Knowing what I now know, that RAI causes patients symptoms of Graves Eye Disease to grow worse after RAI, I would have NEVER had it. I was already responding well to Methamzole and Beta Blockers.  The Profesionals told me if my eyes were going to buldge they would do so within 72 hours after taking RAI. So much for professionals. Two months later my eyes began to tear and itch. Then they became very sensitive to light, forcing me to wear dark sunglasses.Each and every morning I would awake to a new appearance. I might say, each new appearance was less attractive than the one prior.  Seaching the internet I found what I thought was my disorder, Graves Eye Disease. I phoned my Doctors office, only to be greeted by a nurse who informed me in a most nasty manner, that RAI DID not cause my eyes problems. But if I insisted, she could work me in the following day. Angry at her dismissive attitude towards me, I agreed, but canceled the following moring , electing to keep my appointment two weeks later. In the meantime my eye symptoms grew worse. Alls I wanted was for my Doctor to refer me to a Opthamologist.  To make a long story short, My upper eyelids retracted and I looked like I had huge water bags underneath both of my eyes. Needless to say, I was not going to make the cover of Vogue. lol...I went months weeks, not able to read of focus my eyes to read. I could not look up without severe pain. I know all about RAI, and boy do I regret it.  One thing I have learned about Graves Disease is you will need the patients of Job , love and support from family and friends, faith, and the realization that you hold the keys to your own recovery. I am on my way to recovery.
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I have RAI one  year back. As above all said  its depends on ones situation which is best. On my situation RAI  was the option.Till now i could not decide whether it was a best option or not. Beacuse when i was  little hyperthyroid then my OB/gyn said if it bothers more you can see ENDO as i was little Hyperrange. Then I was admitted in ER for pancreatitis then they said my levels of Hyperthyroid are went high  which needed immediate treatment. Then i started om Methimazole .After few months my LIVER levels came little bit up and my antibodies were also high. As iam already have pancreatitis they said sludge in gallbladder which would affect liver and now Methimazole liver levels up NOTGOOD .As we were on TTC for babies they said i should take immediate option. So we choose RAI thought after 6months to 1 year we can start TTC .But now on HYPO i feel more severs symptoms then hyper .But we choose mainly for  to get pregnancy on hypo as it is  better then controlling on hyper on pregnancy as they said):
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I had the RAI, but it failed so had TT. (That was 15yrs ago.)

Currently dealing with Graves Eyes Disease. My opthomologist has referred me to a neuro opthomologist.  It is painful and frustrating....
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