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Really Scared Tonight. Anyone out there?

Hi, I've not been on for a couple of weeks as I've been having a worse time which happens now and then. Anyway felt better this morning so came on again and answered a few posts. However as the night draws in, this problem is really starting to get to me. I've asked about it before but I can't remember the answers! But that's the whole point of this post really! Its about this brain fog thing you all talk about. I'm not sure if I've got it. Basically my thyroid has started swinging this year from high to low and is presently in it's underactive stage. And I'm having a premature menopause and have very little oestrogen which I know also doesn't help. But it's just that I'm having these episodes where I just can't think straight at all, it's like my brain won't work properly. I'm out somewhere and then I feel all sort of "what am I doing here?" Or I'm trying to have a conversation with someone and it's like I just can't follow it, or find the words I want to say, or if I find the words they come out all wrong. I think people must think I'm weird! And I can't remember anything. I go into  a room, but when I get there I don't what I went for! It's like my brain is mush and I want to shake it to make it become clear but it just won't when this feeling comes over me. Eventually it goes away a bit and I feel more in control again, but I hate it when it happens. I'm hoping it's this brain fog thing I've heard about, but I'm scared stiff tonight that I'm getting Alzheimers Disease.
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You are hypo or hyper?  That happens to me when hyper but I am not normal .. most get it when hypo.  I wish I could help .. but wanted to say hello .. others will jump in I'm sure .. glad to see you HI!

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Just new to the forum so don't know what this brain fog is.  I had a nodule found on my thyroid by ultrasound recently and will be seeing a ear, nose and throat specialist in the future.  I do notice, however, that I too will have conversations with some one and cannot follow through or forget what is was I was trying to say, etc..  This has just been going on for about 6 months so I'm waiting to see what the doctor says.  Don't worry too much though.  I'm sure you will get other repies soon that will help.  Sorry I couldn't help more.
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Hi- I know exactly what u r saying......if I am on the phone it's easy to say ...sorry u broke up can u repeat that, when I do not know what the convo is about-however in person u can't do that.....most of the time I say I don't know even if that isn't the right responce.
I too went thru pre mature ovarion failure- no one linked it to anything else- I now feel it was my thyroid all along!

My brain fog comes and goes.....and yes I went thru periods where I wonder how I muttered by and didn't hurt myself.
Keep in touch.

Hang in there it'll get better!!!
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Thanks for all your replies. To selmaS particularly, you do sound like me and seem to know exactly what I mean. It's horrible isn't it. My brain used to remember and understand everything I told it to!
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Cheryl I think she is hypO right now.

Hey Rite---tee -------Rite..... Rite  Rite!!

It's me the distant Wisconsin chick!!!

Not doin well?? You know............. it's the FOG!!!!!!!

Still not any meds... correct???

When was the last test? and the ######'s are??????


Give me a quick low down on the last couple of weeks with the doc. AND what been going on!!??

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Oh you found me again you angel! I've just messaged you, but basically my TSH is still swinging up and down. My TSH keeps going high and T4 low, but then TSH goes back to normal but T4 stays low. My FSH has  come in at post menopausal range of 40 and Oestrogen is very low too.
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I want u to keep in mind- u r 2 young 4 menopause so u r 2 young 4 Alzheimers.....I want to tell u that U r 2 young 4 menopause....oooops I said that already!!!

Just laugh
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Those symptoms are identical to the hyperthyroidism symptoms I once had.  It's awful.  Felt like I was going insane. I had the RAI procedure done a few years back.  Took care of the hyper condition but brought new hypo related problems with it.  Would like to hear more specifics.
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You got that too? I am in hypo fog land right now coz I have been pushing myself to be at odd times travelling and sitting in a car for over 8 hours a day....I got to the goodwill store yesterday and started giving my Aussie dollars instead of American...the lady looked at me quite oddly..I was like..What? It's currency!
  My darling man has noticed it too...can see the depression starting too...I keep telling him coz I don't want to go back to Australia, but he keeps saying it's the medication..maybe we are both right.
  I have had a hard time too staying focused on the computer...I just give up and go for my Nanna Nap.
So big hugs to you! Coz I HATE being in BrainFogLand too.
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Definitely not alone.  I was leaving a message the other day and I couldn't remember my phone number for the life of me :-)  

How do you know if you are swinging between hypo and hyper (or just swinging to very hypo sometimes)?  I've been on levothyroxine for 4 months now, but I'm still having days about once a week where I can hardly move (or remember my phone number, apparently).  And then the next day I am totally fine, almost overenergized.  My doctor says it's just because I have lost too much weight, but I think that he really knows.
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oops - that should be "but I think that he doesn't really know."

Take care.
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I can't help much with the thyroid end of the brain fog, since I've only had a thyroid problem 10 months, but can speak to the menopausal side of it -- it stinks!  I started going through menopause about 2 years ago and there were days I was barely coherent.  Not good for someone who works in customer service in a phone center!  Since you've had your hormones checked and know they are low, check into getting some help there.  I asked my endo about it last week, because I'd been using an OTC progesterone cream and while it had been helping a bunch, it wasn't cutting it any longer.  He said he could prescribe a compound cream with a touch of estrogen and I'd feel a world better.  After only a few days with the new cream I do feel better and am hopeful that I can be somewhat "normal" again.  After being dx'd with Graves and having RAI and now being officially hypoT, normal would be wonderful.  

Hang in there.  And ask about ways to combat the menopause symptoms.  Yes, many will say they went through it naturally and just "tolerated" the hot flashes, night sweats, panic attacks, all that, but everyone is different and there are ways to get help.  Take care!

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Thank you so much to everyone that's taken the time to answer my post, it's so kind of you all and I don't feel so alone.
To moody2, yes I think you may be right, swinging from normal to hypo rather than hyper to hypo, coz although my results sometimes come in hypo and return to normal they never cross the hyper range.
To Jeannie, yes menopause does stink, and it seems you know what I mean so I'm assuming you put a lot of the fuzziness down to that? Do you think that makes the fog worse? Also, it doesn't seem to matter which HRT I've tried, it never seems to do anything for me and I just can't understand why.
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I am so glad to have found this place!! I know now that I am not insane!! Just a normal hypo. No not condriack!! :) I know to others its not normal, but its kinda nice to know that I am as normal as we can be. Thanks you guys for being here.
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