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Really worried and Need Dr. in the Orlando area

I have had a partial thyrodectomy about 20 years ago due to nodules and cysts.  The biopsy was fine so no cancer.  I now have nodules in the right half of my thyroid.  My endo ordered a needle biopsy which came back as not enough cells to determine.  I went to see my dr. yesterday to see where we go from here and he told me he wouldn't be concerned if there had not been calfication (I do have calfication).  That puts you at a much higher risk that it is cancer.  He said he wanted to do a follow up ultrasound in 6 months and maybe later another biopsy.  My husband and I feel we need to get another opinion where treatment is concerned since the risk of cancer is high.  What is your opinion on wating 6 months to see if there are changes?  I have been online looking for Dr.s in the Orlando area, but don't know if I should see another Endo or throat specialist....any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.
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I agree that a second opinion is in order.  How far are you willing to travel? We have some patient recommended endos, but nothing in Orlando.

I might go so far as to recommend that you look into an ENT.  I can give you the name of an excellent one, but he's not in Orlando.

You can also call a few endo's (and/or ENT's) offices and interview the nurse, to get an idea of how that doctor might respond to your issues.
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Yeah, I am kind of leaning toward getting the second opinion from an ENT.  I had a great one that removed the left side years ago in Mobile.  I have only been in Orlando a couple of years and medical care here is much different than what it was in Mobile.  I was thinking about seeing my primary care Dr. and see if she can recommend someone...of course I will do some research before I make an appointment with the EMT.  What part of Florida are you in?
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