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Red Nose!


My nose is ALWAYS red. Some days worse than others but it's always red. There are also very thin, subtle red veins on the bridge of my nose (I have a "hawk" nose), again, some days worse than others.

I also have a lot of allergy problems. Went through a period of time when I had three sinus infections, one after another. I was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma as well although I don't take the montelukast I was prescribed.

Is it possible that my nose shape has anything to do with this? Or is the redness a skin problem and the allergies environmental?

Honestly, the redness bothers me more than the annoying breathing problems.

I also have autoimmune thyroiditis, unsure if that is related to redness.
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Excerpt from the article Psoriasis, rosacea and hypothyroidism–did you know there’s a connection?...

I personally had rosacea on my nose for years—my romantic “clown nose”.  But just like the mother’s son and daughter with psoriasis, my rosacea eventually went away, as well, after I had started on desiccated thyroid and raised it high enough to remove my hypo symptoms.
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I absolutely believe that your nose is red because of chronic allergies. It’s a common symptom of allergies. Not all people are affected like this. But, unfortunately I do believe that you’re are one of the people who is.

Good luck!


Retired navy medic and paramedic.
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