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Red Pin Size Spots on Skin

Does anyone have red spots on their body?  What are they.  My blood counts all come out normal.  Have been told it might be related to the Hyperthyroidism since it's an autoimmune disease.

Any ideas out there?  Have had this for years.  Lightens at times.  Strange....
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not being able to see it, I can only make a guess....check out petechiae (SP)
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hmmmm..... Possible.  Looks similar and it says it can be cause by autoimmune disease such as Thyroid disease.  

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Hi, I am hyperthyroid and I see pin sized red spots on my skin as well.  They do not itch.  I am currently on an antithyroid pill called propyl-thyracil, and pin sized red spots are listed as a rare side effect, maybe you should check out the side effects on your current medicine.  Hope you are feeling better.

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My doc says its from the water retention, edema. She's as condused about them as I am!
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I have tons of them, most on my arms and chest.

I talked to my doc about them and she said in a lot of people they're hereditary and no big deal.  She also said that they can be caused by babesia, which is a tick-borne disease like lyme.
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WELCOME to the COMMUNITY .. I am not well versed with your ? but wanted to stop by and say hello!

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Thanks all for the feedback.  My mother has these as well, so I'm thinking it could be hereditary.

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Boy, am I dense some days.  When I first read your heading, I read it as ‘Red Pin’ - as in that red dress pin promoting women’s heart health.  I couldn’t relate to those size spots; they sounded huge, poor thing…

But now that it’s sunk in that you’re talking about red pin size spots, exactly what you said, I can relate.

I’ve always had them come and go all my life.  Since I had my TT, two have appeared above the scare and another one is off near the clavicle.  One has at least faded somewhat so I’m hoping the others do the same.  None of my drs seem phased seeing them there.  I sometimes wonder if they have to do with trauma to the skin, since they weren’t in that area before being cut there.

I’ve tuned into several things over the years about them but never saw anything conclusive.  Some info, mostly coming from folk medicine has said:  they have to do with liver function; they represent a poor diet (not true in my case; I eat well); they represent a poor digestive track; they represent the body taking care of itself.

I’m hoping that last one is true.  I don’t worry about them too much but your question has prompted my curiosity to look them up.  I will share if I find anything interesting.  Please do the same.  Thanks.
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Will certainly let you know.  Thanks for the info!
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