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Relief for neck pain..

Does anyone here have pain in the neck and chest area? The area right above my clavicals just hurt so bad right now. The back of my neck hurts as well, this pain only started more intensely the last week or so.I can not lay on my right side of the head because the pain in my neck, throat area just ache too much. I still get pain right behinde the left breast, but i have been told it is chondroitis.  I do have a dr. appt., but not until April 1, just wondering what you do for the pain if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it..... Had a TT back in 1994 (short history).

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If your medication is not regulated and your TSH could be off, this could be a symptom of hypothyroid. Obviously, it would be a medically induced condition and you may need a level change in meds

Maybe go back and get a TSH blood panel ran. With a TT you should be on the lower end of the ranges. (I believe around a .3)  I have not had a TT - but there is another specific blood test you should have done since you had surgery. Thy Glob ??

Forgive me - my mine is cloudy today.

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Thanks. I have an appt. with doctor on April 1,2008.

The only thing my doctor ever tested was my thyroid level every 12-18 months. I was on 200 mcg for 12 years, but for some reason he never told me about he changed the dosage to 125 mcg a year ago. Does lowering the does mean i was getting hyper again?
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