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Risk for Hypothyroid Patient with Teeth Extraction

Can any member tell me about the risk associated before teeth extraction for hypothyorid patient. I am required to go for tooth extraction & am taking levothyroxine from last 6 month @ 100 mcg. I did my last thyroid scan on 2 months before, should i do a fresh thyroid scan before going to doctor.
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dkcamoli... there should be no more risk associated with teeth extraction being on levothroxine than not being on it.  I've been on thyroid hormone medication for 8 yrs and have had several extractions, plus other dental surgery and have had no trouble.

If you're having dental x-rays, you might want to ask for a thyroid shield, to eliminate radiation.  

There should be no reason to do a fresh thyroid scan prior to doing dental work.

Talk to your doctor and/or dentist prior to having work done, in case you have extenuating circumstances...
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