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Searching a good Dr./or endocrinology in Virginia beach.

Hello guys first Nice to be back,
Finally I got my full time job here, now im starting to search/look for a better dr. here in Virginia beach,
is anyone can recommend and give a better endoc/or a dr here? in VA.

First of all now im taking thyrax 150mcg, i heard about no thyrax available here i try to search some
hypothyroid  medication here and i find out that there's a synthroid here and i took it before.
anyway what about the adjustment of a new pills how long it will takes to go back to normal?  do i need to rest while adjusting? because i have a job i dont want to be affect it, or maybe i should wait my 2 weeks PTO to make sure but i think its not enough,  hopefully not too much adjustment will happen. thanks.
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Hello gimel, thank you  i will post my result soon as possible, for a while I'll wait my 90 days working before they will issue some paper works for my health ins.  i was working for 2yrs as partime plus so now i grab this fulltime.
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Hello Paus.  Glad to hear things are going better for you.  I just sent a PM with doctor info.

Please post your latest thyroid test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  Also, if tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin, please post thoe, with ranges, as well.

Switching from one T4 med to another typically should be no problem, unless there is an unusual reaction to different filler material/dye used to manufacture the pills.  Otherwise I don't see any reason to worry about an adjustment period.  
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