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Severe mood swings.

Wondering if anyone else suffers from severe mood swings? One minute I'm fine and the next minute I getting very upset about the littlest things and the next I just want to cry. Unable to sleep. I have over active thyroid and I finally go and see a End, in Oct for the very first time. What should I expect?
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Sleeping pills and antidepressants work wonders to get us through this part of our thyroid issue. Its not forever, just to help us get through the rough or problem spots.

Good luck

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I don't have Graves but Thyroid has definately affected my mood.  I just spent the last hour crying for no real reason...I should be in bed but also have insomnia.  *sigh* This is not what I expected after having my baby... I hope things get better for you. sorry to hear you are suffering.

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I have been taking Alprazolam for over a year to help level out my mood swings. My Endo did not want me on anti-depresants, which was just fine with me. Anti-depressants are a roll of the dice since one drug will react on different people in different ways. You could get lucky and get the right perscription the first time, or you may have to try two or three before you find one that eases the symptoms rather than making them worse.

I get depressed, but the anti-anxiety drugs are easier on my body than the anti-depresants. My Endo told me that anti-depressants would mess up test results he wanted to run, so they were out, period.

I was Hyper when I was put on the Alprazolam, and the drug helped with anxiety very well. It did nothing for depression, but my GP told me Alprazolam would do nothing for depression, so I had to find ways to cope. The depression was severe by times, but I have made it so far. I have been Hypo since then, and am now Hyper again. I really could not have gone through it with no drugs at all. It has been very trying emotionally.

What should you expect when you see your Endo for the first time? A discussion of your medical history and current symptoms. Probably tests run the same day. Perhaps meds within three days. And then months of trying this and trying that. Do not expect instant results, and do not expect to feel MUCH better for several months.

If your Endo wants to try to "save the Thyroid" by perscribing Methimazole or some other drug to "slow it down", ask the doctor if that course of treatment will leave you with a Thyroid that is functional in five years. If yes, then fine. If no, then you will be wasting your time with that treatment. My first Endo put me on Methimazole AND Synthroid, and expected me to keep it up for years. Methimazole will damage your liver if you take it for years.

I went through that for a year and it was a nightmare trying to balance the two meds. I will not get that year back. It has damaged my body and I will not get that damage undone. I am very upset about that and changed Endo's this summer.

I do not have Grave's. I have Hashimoto's, and right now it is Hashimoto's toxicosis, which means I am Hyperthyroid. I do not know what the diagnosis will be for your condition.

You should have anti-body tests run. That will help the Endo decide if you have Grave's, or Hashimoto's, or neither one. The exact diagnosis will determine the course of treatment options you have. And there are options. Ask about what the options are, and the pluses and minuses of each course of treatment apropriate for your disease.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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