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Sharing labs past/present

Today, I viewed labs when I was healthy, prior to TT June 2008.  14 years ago.  
TSH .11 (.34-5.6)
FT3 3.70 (2.5-3.9)
FT4 1.12 (0.6-1.6)

Feb 2009
TSH 1.02
FT3 3.30
FT4 .92

My thyroid was working well, only thyroid swelled to massive size.  I was surprised, believed labs would be way different then present time.  After TT my TSH were all over the place approx 7 years on Levo/Synthroid, after beginning Tirosint, my labs began to balance.  What I've noticed is, Tirosint 125 T4 only my T3 is always 2.8,.  Adding T3 1.25/2.5 alternating every other day my T3 3.3,.  I feel better, active, but hot/difficulty sleeping.

Believe at my age, T3 works at a different rate, then younger individuals.  As we age, our bodies slow down, so medication process probably slows as well, what rate body uses medications.  Don't know.  That's the mystery ?  

Years ago, with similar labs, I was very healthy, active, sleeping well, etc...  No sleep aids.  
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Your response to T3 med is something I have seen reported by others.   If the ferritin level is too low, increasing T3 med causes reactions like you mention.   That is why I highly recommended getting tested for ferritin, along with Vitamin D, and B12.  

I cannot seem to locate your current FT4 and FT3 test results to compare to the above.  
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Very important to get ferritin to at least 100.  Make sure to get it tested at first opportunity.  If needed I can recommend a good iron supplement.  

If your doctor only tests and pays attention to TSH he is not doing what is best for you.  Scientific studies confirm that TSH has only a weak correlation with thyroid hormone, and a negligible correlation with symptoms of hypothyroidism.   You can confirm this in my paper in the following link.  If the doctor resists treating you as needed to relieve symptoms give him a copy and ask to read and treat accordingly.  

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Hi Gimel, thanks friend.  Don't believe Ferritin has ever been tested.  I'll ask endo to add upcoming labs.  Vit D always tested, mid normal range, taking 4000 iu/daily.  B12 always in normal range.  

Most recent labs were Jan 12, 22, Tirosint 112.  
TSH 5.04 (.34-5.6)
FT3 2.8 (2.5-3.9)
Ft4 .74 (0.6-1.6)

I began taking alternating T3 1.25mcg/2.5 mcg

March 10, 22 TSH only .82, pcp always only test TSH.  

My system does not do well with medicated T3.  It's either to much or not enough, very inconsistent.  Noticed how my TSH dropped, alternating 1.25mcg/2.5mcg T3,.  
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