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Sheeeeeee's baaaaacccckkkkk

After five lovely, fun filled days at the local 5-star hotel (okay, so it was a Level 1 trauma center), I'm back.

I may not be on the forum a ton of time.  I'm supposed to be on strict bed rest for about 3 days, soft foods for a month, and taking it "easy" for a week or so.

If anyone out there is considering getting pancreititus, take it from me, don't.  That stuff hurts and 5 days of IVs, doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, CNAs, and housekeeping (all while you are asleep) it's a walk in the park either.

Thanks all for the messages - you've been great!

Much love and THANKS

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I just posted to you on your old post .. I am speechless .. my friend, you deserve the Quadruple Smile Award okay--->   ::::))))

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PLEASE FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!!!!!!!!  (((((((HUGS)))))))))))!!!!!!!!

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Nice to hear you're back home Utah.
Now get some rest. :-)
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HUGE SNUGGLES TO YOU DEAR!  Glad to have you back =) ~Kim
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Welcome back,
Now  please go get some rest and try to relax.

((((((more hugs)))) and a teddy bear with balloons:::))  

Feel Better and take care

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Stupid question, maybe, but did they at least do something so it hurts less?  I sure hope you aren't in as much pain and that you get well very soon!!!
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