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Shortness Of Breath

Why am i still having anxiety as well as shortness of breath after having partial thyroidectomy done for hyperthyroid 3 weeks ago? I thought it would all go away afterwards =/ Can any one tell me reasons why this is still happening? Please.
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Would you please clarify more information on yuour post?

You had a partial thyroidectomy for hyperthyroidism? Was there any other things that lead to this surgery? and Did you and or doctor opted for any other things first, prior to the surgery?

O'y Vey.... this has alot of room to talk.
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Funny thing is that I still have the shortness of breath as well. And I am 12 weeks out from partial removal of the thyroid. So this must be thyroid related.
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There was no other reason besides a overactive nodule gland that i had in my throat for the partial thyroidectomy.
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Do you have anxiety attacks as well?
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I sure do. I had one this afternoon. However it was mild and didn't require anything, but a short cat nap for it to subside.
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Well  then....

Have you been tested for Graves disease?
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Yes, I was tested. So I am just hoping that it will improve over time.
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Hope your "air gasping" and anxiety issues are better by now. I've not been diagnosed yet, awaiting endo results and ultrasound.  But I've experienced that horrible "air gasping" and shortness of breath.  My vitamin D was low. The vitamin D as well as B12 cyna~injections helped with that.  I've read that vitamin D and thyroid issues go hand and hand, just wondering if your vitamin d is within normal range, if so, even being a little on the low end can cause breathlessness.   Probably nothing you don't already know, but hate to hear of anyone having "air gasping", makes me breathless to think of my experience and all the doctor visits with no explanation except to tell me I was having anxiety attacks, depression, etc.  Hope you feel better soon!
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Thank you so much for your reply, i am taking b12 injections but vitamin d i have not, Im thinking of getting multivitamins and drinking them on a daily basis since they consist of every vitamin.
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Im having the same problem myself
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Did you also have a semi-thyroidectomy and are having symptoms now?  If so, how long ago and have you had thyroid related tests since then?  If so, please post the results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.   In trying to assess a person's thyroid status, symptoms are always the most important consideration, so please tell us about any other symptoms you have.  Are you on thyroid med of any kind?  If so please tell us what type and what daily dosage.  Did the doctor prescribe any other meds/supplements?
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