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Should I test 2x in a day to get 'true' picture?

I am 70+, recovered form HPV base of tongue cancer. Had 7 weeks of chemo and proton (luckily) radiation treatments. Thyroid poofed of course,  Was started on 75mg Levothroxine they gradually raised the t4 to 175 mg.
Was hypo before the cancer and still show symptoms.   Posted results here in earlier post - and got good answer thanks!  am paying for the test since my doc poo-poos anything but tsh. I go to Quest or other discount pabs.
The questions I have
1. When I retest, take the thyroid meds the morning of the test ? or not?
2.  Should I do a second blood test during the day for the thyroid? Ie one at 7am then again 430pm?
3. Once I get results I can post them here.
4. Where on site is recommended blood test list, ie, folat, vit d, which thyroid parameters to test.
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Schedule your test 3-4 hours after you take your medication, then you should be fine.  I wouldn't waste your money on a second test later in the day.  Your thyroid is very slow acting  so daily and even weekly fluctuations are insignificant.  You should test for TSH, Free T4 and T3.  As you are 70+, Vit D  (test in winter if you live in colder climate) and serum ferritin are generally good tests to have.  
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Thanks!! Will skip the second test and get the other ones going. Still searching the web site for the recommeneded tests
Alos thought you werent supposed to take meds prior to a thyroid test.
Had high TSh on last test. (4.52) Still hypo symtoms.
I was the one who interacted with you on your previous post.  I'm sorry I just saw this thread for some reason...  In the previous thread, I did ask you a couple of questions you didn't answer.  

You said you were hypo before the cancer.  Reading your 2 posts, I'm under the impression that you started on 75 mcg Levothyroxine (thyroid hormones are prescribed in mcg vs mg) and increased at various points up to 175 mcg.  Where you on replacement hormones when your cancer was diagnosed?

I don't think Quest will test Free T3 on customer request, as it's not on their list of tests that can be purchased without a doctor's order.   You might check LabCorp and see if they will do it; if not, I can send you links to other sites from which you can order the tests.  

1)  As for taking thyroid medication prior to your test - no.  Try to order your tests as early in the morning and refrain from taking thyroid meds prior.  Taking Levo prior to a blood test can skew the results as much as 20% within the first couple of hours.  I've experienced this, having labs done several hours after taking my T4 med - FT4 was much higher than it should have been.  I ordered a test that I paid for out of pocket and did not take my med first - FT4 was much lower.  You want to have 24 hrs between your doses of Levo.

2)  I agree with Jasper that there's no advantage in having a second blood draw in the same day

3)  Yes, once you get your results, please do post them here and we'll help you interpret them.  Please post them on this same thread, so we don't have to switch back and forth to multiple threads.  

4)  There is no place on site that states what tests you need - that's pretty much individual depending on your circumstances, labs and symptoms.
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