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Should my husband have surgery or just monitor?


I'm new here and I've been reading through the forums trying to find someone else who might have a similar situation to my husband's but I haven't seen anything so I thought I should just ask you guys what you think. A few weeks ago, during an unrelated ultrasound guided biopsy of a lymph node in his neck, the tech noticed a small nodule on my husband's thyroid and they decided to to an FNA right there (I guess since they were doing one anyway they figured, why not?).  The results come back showing that his lymph node is fine but the results on the thyroid nodule are "inconclusive".  He had a followup ultrasound which showed a single 1.3cm nodule with a lumpy shape and calcification on the right lobe and two smaller smooth nodules that they consider benign on the other lobe.  My husband experienced no thyroid related symptoms of any kind, his lymph nodes appear to be totally clear, he has no history of radiation to the neck, no family history of thyroid cancers or other problems, and his nodule is too small to be palpated externally.  We're trying to figure out if he should have surgery (probably a partial lobectomy) or if we should consider monitoring alone for a while.  Does anyone have any experience or insight into our situation? I would appreciate whatever you can offer because we're very unsure.  The surgeon seems open to the idea of monitoring, although we'll be having a follow up appointment with him next week and his opinion may have changed with the updated ultrasound information. My husband is very concerned about the surgery and the lifelong upkeep and would prefer to retain his thyroid if at all possible.  What do you guys think?
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Hello friend, question is very difficult to answer.  Reason being, every individual is different.  If you/hubby do not feel confident, comfortable, assured with surgeon, alway's seek another opinion.

First surgeon I spoke with, I didn't feel comfortable with at all, reason I cancelled surgery.  2nd surgeon discussed options, answered all my questions for 1.5 hrs, I felt complete comfort with him to perform thyroidectomy, he was very friendly, patient, understanding,.

When you/hubby visit surgeon for follow up, ask why surgeon feels monitoring is best option opposed to surgery, Etc....        

Wishing you/hubby well :)
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