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Hi All,
       Iam suffering from hypothyroid from Nov 2005 and I am regularly taking thyrox.My tsh level is regularly checked.Last test shows  FT3  3.02 pg/mL (2.30-4.20), FT4 1.30 ng/dL (0.70 - 1.51) AND TSH 0.566 microIU/mL..The dosage of the medicine is 75micro gm.
      Of late Iam having many side effects because of the prolonged usage of themedicine like restlessness,,slight giddiness anxiety and gabbraut.The medicine is only to supplement the shortage externally.Do you agree  Homeopathy treatment will be advisable.Ihighly value your input.
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No, you will not be able to get by on homeopathy treatment only.  You will need the hormone replacement med for the rest of your life.  You can't live without thyroid hormone and when your thyroid no longer makes any, you have to replace it with the med.

Although your levels are in the normal ranges, it's possible that they are too high for you and you may need to back down on the med, just a bit - to like 66 mcg or even alternate 66 with 75, which would average 70.5, in order to keep from going hypo.  
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I agree with Barb totally.
Your TSH is pretty low and maybe decrease a fraction every 2nd day and see how you feel then.
You could even decrease by taking 75mcg 4 times a week and 62.5 mcg 3 times a week....which is decreasing your meds by 37.5mcg weekly.
You are currently taking 525mcg weekly and the decrease would have you taking 487.5mcg.See how you feel on that dose for 2 weeks ...and then decide whther to stay on that dose or increase back to 75mcg daily.
But first consult yr Doctor on this.

Call me stupid but what is gabbraut?
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