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Sjogrens disease and thyroid disorder

I am beginning the daunting task of figuring out what is going on with my thyroid. Four or five years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, taking level thyroxine. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in about a week I would also like to be tested for Sjogrens disease.   After everything I’ve read and what little I understand it seems as though there can be a kind of crossover that a high percentage of  women who have one or the other will ultimately end up with both.   So my question is when I see the Endo chronologist should I ask him to test me for Sjogrens disease? Along with all of the other bloodwork,, this will be the first time I have seen an endocrinologist..? I guess that is my question, is that where I should have the blood work and test done, I am also seeing an ophthalmologist about my vision because it is gotten Progressively worse, very uncomfortable dry eyes, dry nasal passages dry skin dry mouth.  
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See a rheumatologist in regards to sjrogens disease. From the list below I have 5 of the 7. I don't have SS or type 1 diabetes.

Polyglandular Syndrome Type 3: "This condition is characterized by autoimmune thyroiditis along with another organ-specific autoimmune disease.[1][2][3] The other autoimmune diseases may include diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia, vitiligo, alopecia, myasthenia gravis, and Sjogren's syndrome.[2]"
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Hi, I was diagnoised with dry eye syndrome about 8 yrs ago since I lost my thyroid 2 yrs ago I now have dry nostril and mouth.  I was always told it has nothing to do with thyroid...not buying it.
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Once a person has one autoimmune condition, the chances of getting another (or more) are much greater... there's no guarantee what the additional condition(s) might be.  There's a whole list of autoimmune conditions and we can get anyone of them.  Autoimmunes also tend to run in families, but not every member of a family will get the same condition... for instance, I have Hashimoto's and Pernicious Anemia, my son has Type 1 Diabetes and my daughter has Lupus.  I believe my daughter also has Hashimoto's, but I don't think she's ever been tested for it.  They're only testing her TSH which is falling in the normal range, so they aren't testing antibodies... crazy!!

It's also important to remember that many of the symptoms of of autoimmune conditions apply to more than one condition.  For instance, symptoms of Hashimoto's can be the same as those of Rheumatoid Arthritis, or many other conditions.
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