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Small solid lump on neck

Hello everyone,
I am seeing the specialist on Monday for a small firm lump on my thyroid. I can see it and I can feel it, but what I see and feel is under 1 cm.  Not sure the doc will do anything about it, but I need some peace of mind simply because I get a tight feeling and pulsating sensation that keeps reminding me of it and makes me constantly aware it's there.

Could anyone else see thier nodule if it was 1 cm or under?

Has anyone experienced these other symptoms? I am expecting him to say, it's too small and to just watch it. Just wondering if anyone had one that small, but ended up being removed???

I am pretty well informed and knowing the odds and worst case scenerio, I'm not too worried. I just haven't seen much about the tight feeling and pulsating ... I do want that to go away. It's driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance for feedback and personal experiences!

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Don't worry!
I had a nodule on my thyroid about 2cm but i didn't feel it what so ever, it was discovered during a normal check. Anyhow the doctor ask for an ultrasund and then he asked for a FNA whcih is a normal procedure to make sure every thing is ok. 90-95% of the nodules are benign so don't worry and go one step ahead and its better to discover things now than later. pls let me know what will happen to you.
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If it is sitting on a spot on the thyroid and close to the front, it is likely you will notice it and have the sensation of it pressing on 'something'

Many nodules at 1cm or under are just left to wait and watch. They are often just part of having a lumpy-bumpy thyroid. Which many people have and theyhave no treatment.

I had numerous ones on my left and right side, I was not aware of any of the smaller ones, till my goitre enlarged. THEN I noticed the lumps! I had one at 4.5cms, and that one gave me a lot of trouble breathing, swallowing, talking.

There really is no need to worry, only if it interferes with breathing etc do they usually remove it. Often when they get a bit larger some thyroid medication can help them to go down, depending on the type it is.
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Thanks for your words of wisdom. I pretty much figured it would be something to just watch, but didn't find anything about the tightness/pressure I get that drives me crazy.

I am also a little curious, if anything was under there larger than 1 cm, I would see it wouldn't I? I am assuming this is it and it is small because it's what I see and can feel.

Thanks again!
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