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Sore Throat w/ ear pain

Hello!  For the past week or 2 I have had a very sharp pain on the left side of my throat with pain running up to my ear. I is very painful when I swallow.  I have a non productive cough that is more annoying than anything else.  There are no other "cold" symptoms like fever, sneezing runny nose etc.  I was wondering if it could be thyroid related?  I was told @ a recent Drs visit my thyroid felt enlarged and my TSH is 4.36.  Does anyone have the same issues?
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Being hypothyroid can bring on viruses and colds. Even if you are not having classic symptoms the sore throat and ear pain can be a problem. I suffer that but as my TSH is lower it is less noticeable in the throat - no ear pain anymore. But the cough is there. I experience a dry cough too - but I smoke. Before I had thyroid problems I never noticed a "cough" but now it is there.

Quit!!! I say to myself and that will happen MAy 17th. My sone asked me to do that for his birthday.
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Well I have the same situation right now. But mine happened due to a sneeze.. I sneezed so hard that I have a ear infection and a tear in my throat.  I can't eat or drink to well. I went to the docs and I only received an antibiotic.  Any updates on your situation. ??.
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