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Spinal problems=thyroid problems

Ok I am going to make this as short as possible...I recently moved and set an appointment with a new doctor...cancelled appointment after waiting 2 hours with not being called in so I requested my medical records back so I could find a doctor office who was more courteous and efficient...anyway as I never was really concerned at test results...always just listened to the dr not concerned with numbers...I read my body scan reports well in my report they mentioned this: mild dextroconvex lumbar scoliosis, increased activity in the right shoulder synovial or bursal area, small activity in the mid and upper thoracic spine, several areas of marrow uptake on the attenuation corrected images in the thoracic spine. Ok you are wonder what all this has to do with thyroid right here it goes...also today I had an appoitment with a chiropractor...back home I went once a month due to headaches that a  physician could not pinpoint the problems...any how I knew I had small curveture and I knew about my shoulder problems but was unaware as the Dr never told me they actually found it in the body scan done for my thyroid...well while I was sitting in the chiropractors office I noticed a picture of a spine with arrows with the names of organ and so forth pointing to different parts of your spine..I noticed a picture of thyroid then adrenal glands, which I think maybe a part of my weight issues also, so I asked the doctor about the picture and the relation of these organs to the spine...well what I found out was that if a part of your spine is compressing nerves or has a certain amount of curveture like mine it could cause problems with those organs because of the spine being a passage way for signals to the organs and your brain...well guess what he said there definetely could be a correlation between my thryoid and my neck issues, I had to have surgery on my neck when I was a small child because of some unknown knot that came up and they didnt know what it was from, and I was told my thyroid cancer was a slow growing type and that with the multitude of tumors I had on my thyroid I would have had this problem many years...so it kinda made sense...he told me he has had a patient for many years that came in with neck issues and that was on thyroid medicines he told me advised her that her levels would drop due to the work they were doing on her neck get this she no longer is on thyroid medicine....is this a coincidence? It all kinda makes sense to me Has anyone heard of this?
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No but I am know for "out of the box" thinking like this.

Very interesting. I suppose I will have to give my Dr Dan a chiro call. :)
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YES!  Just today actually!  I can't believe I just saw your post, as I almost couldn't believe  the other girls story this morning.  The lady that owns the local health food store I go to, saw me looking at the adrenal supplements, and started talking to me about this.  She said after her pregnancy, she thought it was some post-partum depression, she thought she was having a nervous breakdown.  Someone told her to try this chiropractor.  Sure enough, same thing...her spine was messing up her adrenal glands.  She had some adjustments, then saw an acupuncturist to get her Chi flowing again she said, and is now off adrenal supplements and doing fine!  It took her about 6-8 months, and now she says she has no idea where she'd be if she hadn't done this.  I got the number to both those docs, and am going to give it a try myself!  She did tell me that the chiropractor is very knowledgeable with thyroid and Celiac, which has caused me many other problems.  I never would've thought about seeing a chiropractor in a million years..at this point I'm willing to try just about anything!
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A related, but not so related question.  Is it possible for a thryoid growth to be the cause of a "hump" on the spine?  It's something I've wondered about myself.  I've a had a "hump" for too long to remember, and until less than a month ago, I didn't even know I had a thyroid problem.  My cardiologist found it on my chest x-ray and told me my thyroid was so large it was displacing my trachea.  I'm recovering from left thyroid lobectomy.  I don't know if the trachea has moved back into place of if that's a gradual thing, but I wonder if a 5cm growth (she said the lobe and growth she removed were larger than the entire thyroid usually is) could have caused and/or contributed to the "hump."  

I've been to a chiroprator, and I think they are great, but the hump has never disappeared.

What do you think?  related or not?
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I can not really tell if it is related but anything is possible...all the stuff the chiro explained really made sense...I had the same problem the were afraid my trachea was going to collapse because my thyroid was so big and they thought it had been that way for years infact I remember being tested when I was 14 but the blood work came back normal after researching back then they did not do the same test...where exactly is your hump at and has the chiro been focusing on that?
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I am looking into the adrenal glands supplement let me know what brand she suggested as I would probably have to order of the internet because I live in the backwoods lol...I am thinking that the adrenal glands could be some of my problems...I am on a very high dose of Synthroid to be exact it is 600mcg daily...my doctor explained to me that I should be loosing weight even if I was eating quarter pounders, fries and a milk shake for every meal...they actually have me higher to keep the cancer index down...they have found with me that the higher dosage I am on the lower my cancer index is go figure...my doctor has not been able to explain why I have not lost weight he also could not explain how I got pregnant when I had not had a menstrual cycle for over a year...medical mysteries all the time...
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My lump is now gone.  It was on the left thryoid and growing below the collarbone.  It was removed on 4/29.  My chiropractor hasn't focused on it, because I didn't even know I had a thyroid problem until 4/17 when my cardiologist found it on a chest x-ray.  The only other test was a ct scan.  Due to the size and the fact it was displacing the trachea, it was decided to take it out fast.  It has been a whirlwind of a month for sure.
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I am sorry I miss understood I thought you said you had a hump on your spine....what amazes me about your thyroid and mine is that obviously it had been enlarged for awhile and no doctor found it until there was a serious problem...I myself kept telling my doctor that there was something wrong that I was feeling bad all the time...his solution go on Prozac of course I threw the rx paper in the trash because I knew that I didn't need it and then a year later after switching insurance a new dr found it the first appointment..thank Goodness that there are doctors who actually put their degree to work.
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I have an appointment for Monday with the chiropractor!  I'm really hoping this one works out, as I'm sick of finding new docs.  I will look for the link to the adrenal supplement, I was actually already on the one he recommends for 6 months.  (The girl that owns the health food store told me which one he recommends, and it's the one I was on.)  Long story short...my G.P. doctor thought it was my adrenals a while ago, and even though the ACTH/Cortisol regular blood work (not a stimulation test) showed low levels, but within the range...he told me to get on the supplements.  But then I tried an endocrinologist, as people kept telling me to since my whole system is a bit whacked.  (I also have Celiac and am allergic to casein and soy)  Anyways, he took me off my Armour and switched me to Levothryoxine and Cytomel combination and he had me stop the adrenal supplements for 6 weeks, then did an ACTH stimulation test, which showed my adrenals are getting really burnt out.  ..and my TSH shot up to 63.9!!  He said it was just " a little high"!   Sooo, I won't be going back to him!  63.9 only being a "little high"??!!?  NO thanks!  

So, I'm back on my Armour and feeling better already!  I haven't started my adrenal supplements back up, as I figured I might as well see what this new guy says.  

Wow, that is a high does of Synthroid!  But if that's what it takes to keep your cancer index down, then it's totally worth it!  How are you feeling now?  Are you able to loose any weight yet?  I honestly couldn't stand being on Levothyroxine, it just made me feel really weird and crazy to say the least.  As soon as this endo switched me to Levothyroxine I gained 7 lbs in 4 weeks!  Now I'm trying to get it off...baby steps!! LOL  Isn't it crazy how our bodies are such medical mysteries and will do the opposite of what doctors think it should do??  It always amazes me!
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I am also going to the chiro Monday and having some sort of test done I can not remember what it is called but I think basically he is trying to see what my curvetures maybe affecting...let me know how your appointment turns out...I feel good some days, some days I feel like I am bouncing off the walls, and some days I feel terrible...I have noticed that I have bad PMS now when I never did...I have cramps which I never did and my periods are so heavy that I wonder if I need a blood tranfusion at times...I just want to lay in the bed...I have not been able to loose weight at all which confuses everyone...it is almost like my metabolism is shot...I always blaimed myself because before I had my first child I was very active in softball and dancing but I gained so much weight when I was pregnant they checked me numerous times for diabetes...which I didnt have now they look back thinking this is when my thyroid went totally crazy...maybe the chiro can answer some questions...Good Luck!
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Oh wow...same thing with my periods!  I just messaged you. :)

I wonder if you would do any better on Armour thyroid medication than Synthroid?  If all else fails...I'd give that a shot.  Or maybe once you get your adrenals fixed up, your thyroid will follow...and the weight will regulate itself.  The thyroid definitely seems like it is to blame for your weight creeping up even while that active.  Good Luck with the chiro...please let me know how it goes for you!
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Hi not sure if you are still reading these posts or not but I have the same problem. My thyroid has been messed up for awhile and doctors did not notice until I went into thyroid storm and almost died so now I have been battling Graves Disease for 2 years now.I was 20 minutes from dieng in the emergency room with a heart rate at 198. I was put in ICU for almost 2 weeks. I have irregular periods, very shaky, nervousness, hot to cold flashes, large goiter in my throat (4 times what it is supposed to be), My left eye bugs out when it acting up bad, weight loss and many more symptoms. I have been taking 26 pills a day for 2 years now and it is not doing a thing for me. I also took the radioactive iodine which surprise did not kill my throid like it was supposed to. So now I have been waiting for a year and a half to have the surgery but my medication is not regulating my thyroid like it is supposed to. So yesterday I had a consultation with an upper cervical chiropractor and today he started adjusting/realigning me. Chirpractors work on your spine but upper cervical chiropractors are specialist whom there are only a couple thousand in the US. They realign your atlas and everything else follows. I have read many testimonials on these specialists hence why I chose to go to this one. THey have fixed patients that are infertile and cant have kids, ADHD, severe fibromyalga (dont know how to spell it) and hypothyroid patients. I am DR. Woods first hyperthyroid but after the first adjustment the swelling in my eye is going down already. I would recommend an upper cervical chiropractor to anyone that is having any kind of probelms what so ever.
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Dear Butterflylover,

I am Hashimoto's HypoThyroidism sufferer, I can not sit up straight for a long time, and don't know if it is caused by my untreated hypothyroidism, nor do I know if it could be treated by thyroid hormone therapy only.

If you have thought on it, please kindly advise. Thanks

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I think I have the same problem as you. I have  a hump on my spine. When sitting, I can not have my spine straight as normal people! Have your spine been treated after taking T4 thyroid hormone treatment? Thanks

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I suppose about anything is possible.  

For me, my scoliosis was 1st noticed when I was 8 years old.  Double major curves - left thorasic and right thoracolumbar, they were both over 45 degrees and I should have had surgery, however, my uncle was an Orthotist so instead he made me custom bracing...wore my braces from age 9 until I was almost 16 years old.  My curves now are around 30 degrees...so it did help somewhat, but there is still pain and problems with my hips also.  

I've posted pics of my spine and hip surgeries in my photos to share.  

I am not allowed to have Chiro manuevers done to my back due to the stress it could do to my already pinched nerves (as per my neurologist and orthopedic specialists).  I do wonder though...does it work/help?  

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It does help! My adjustments are staying in so ggod now I have been graduated up to going in for a visit every 6 weeks except for August I was a little out of whach because I had a miscarriage and my adjustment would not hold for anything. If I were you I would call an upper cervical chiropractor and talk to them and see if they could do anything for with you having pinched nerves. The chiropractor I go to never even touches my back unless its bothering me real bad. All they did is adjust the atlas at the top of your spine so the only place they mess with is on your neck behind your ear. Even if you cant have it done its always nice to try and find out. I just want to tell everybody about this because of how much it helped me, to this day I am still not taking any medication and I finally feel like myself again, I actually feel good so I am going back to school in January to get my 4 yr degree.
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Geez, I have Hashimoto's and I have a freakin' bump on the back of my neck, top of my spine. If it gets any bigger, I'll have to go live in a bell tower!

I was wondering where that came from. Hubby said it's from poor posture.

:) Tamra
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