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Good morning All:)
I have been on Synthroid for a while now @75mcg.  I asked my endo if I could try adding Cytomel to my synthroid because I was getting no relief for my many symptoms...
She agreed and out me on 5mcg once a day.  I started on the 27th- taking both in the am.  I absolutely felt wonderful on the 28th & 29th.  It was almost overwhelming I just couldn't remember how good it felt not to be hurting all the time.  Unfortunately it didn't last - not that I'm worse, I'm probably still better but some of my pain is back.  I want those 2 days back:))
Could the Cytomel have worked that quickly and if so why is th epain back? Does anyone have any suggestion - maybe doseage not enough??  I was thinking of calling my endo but thought maybe i haven't given it enough time??
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First we need to know what your free t3 and free t4 level were and your tsh last testing.
T3 meds are short lived, so it will wear off as the day goes by as well....definately need to see your levels to see if you are on enough.
I take Cytomel with my Synthroid as well.....it made a huge difference to me.
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I take cytomel with my levothyroxine (generic synthroid) also.  I'm on 10 mcg/day but even though my endo told me to take it all in the am, I don't.  My pills come in 5 mcg so I take one when I get up at 3:35 am when I take my levothyroxine, then take the other 5 mcg at 10:00 am.  By 10:00 the one I took at 3:35 has definitely worn off, so I get another shot of it to get me through the rest of the day.  It's all gone by evening and I am ready to sleep about 7:00 - 7:30.  

Like Laura, it has made a huge difference to me too; although I am due for blood work in a couple of weeks and will see my endo at the end of June - depending on my levels, I'm thinking of asking for an increase in cytomel.  

You might try adding a magnesium supplement to your regimen.  I take 200 mgs every evening and it goes a long way toward helping to ease the joint/muscle pain.  It DID take a while before I could feel a difference with it.  It doesn't work for EVERYONE, but could be worth a try.
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my lab work in May TSH 1.78 & FT4 1.11.  My endo did not run FT3 -  I have asked her to when I go back for more labs in Mid July.
I was also curious if I should raise the Synthroid, she said she could increase that saying patients tend to feel better if the TSH is around 1?  I left it at 75mcg Synthroid and had her add the Cytomel.  My question is would it be advantagous to increase the synthroid first and stay at 5mcg Cytomel, than if that doesn't help move to increase the Cytomel?
I sure appreciate everyones feedback, this forum has been a great source of information! I also bought Mary Shomon's book "Living Well with Hypothyroidism", that has been hugely helpful as well, I feel like now I'm starting to take control of my illness and it isn't controlling me!
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BTW -  I do take quite a bit of Mag. - just started but haven't seen much improvement   with my muscle and joint pain yet...
I take a high potency multi vitamin (Eve) from Iherb.com that contains 75mg, plus a ton of others-
Cal/Mag that has 250 mg Mag 500 mg calcium, 100 ui Vit D
Life Mineral that has 110mg- plus loads of other
of course I take this well after my synthroid, usually 2-3 hours
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