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Stress and Thyroid Disorders

Hi, have you heard, this is what I read that when you are put under a lot I mean alot of stress that your thyoid goes into survial mode and then it usually comes back and then everything is normal, what I mean is I read where if you have  been threatned and or have P.T.S.D. I read this on the internet and it was from Doc. if you have had a tramadic experince your thyoid will go into a survial mode and then when things settle down it kicks back in, well mine never did kick back in I am still in the survial mode." I put in Can Stress Cause Thyoid Problems/eHow.com" here are the Doctors, who state this George ChrousosM.D. Cheif of PPediatric and Reproduction Endocrinology Branch, then we have Dr. Robert J. Graves who identified the disease Graves Disease, then we have Phillip gold M.D. of the clinical Neuroendocrinology Branch at the National Institute of Mental Heath.i went through a traumatic experince, before all of this I was healthy and happy, now it seems I am fighting for my life on two different levels. physcial and mentally.very interesting read.
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I am Young Also.   :-)
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I've done some reading on this and it's not, specifically, the thyroid that goes into "survival mode", it's the entire body.  In times of extreme stress, the body can shut down all, but the most essential functions.

According to your previous posts, your traumatic experience took place in Feb of this year and it seems that your entire body may have gone into survival mode.  Sometimes, certain organs may not resume proper function and this may be the case with your thyroid; however, I think your trauma may have involved more of your bodily functions than just thyroid.

In the case of such a body shut down, the adrenal glands would be greatly stressed, since they produce adrenaline, which is the "fight or flight" hormone. While your thyroid tests indicate hypothyroid, I wonder if your adrenals may be causing the biggest issue.  If you haven't had extensive testing done on your adrenals, you probably aren't being treated adequately.

I'm not sure that eHow.com is the best source of information, but if you'd care to post actual links to your information, I'd like to take a look at them.  

I understand that you are fighting for your life on both the mental and physical sides.  While we can help, to an extent, with the physical side of it, I know that physical issues, sometimes, may not be resolved until the mental ones are; therefore, I strongly urge you to find a doctor experienced in dealing with P.T.S.D., because even if you haven't been formally dx'd with it, that seems to be the prevalent issue.

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