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Subacute Thyroiditis/Meds

Last Year I was diagnosed with Subacute Thyroiditus (7/07). Sudden onset, two weeks very painful but mostly asymptomatic after that. Told to wait for it to self regulate. This week I tested 7.9 from a 5.5 normal range. Dr. wants to starts Meds without seeing me or further tests. I am very nervous about these Meds and want to hold off and be proactive from my end. I have some fatigue and slight weight gain (5-7 pounds) but mostly doing ok.
Is it likely that Subacute has turned to Hypo?
What further tests can I ask for? What can I do to be proactive in healing? Can Subacute heal on its own?
What are the risks of going on meds/vs waiting? Do you generally reccomend at this point?
Should I see an endocrynologist?
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