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Surgery Concerns

I have mutiple R nodules, the largest is 8cm and an enlarged thyroid on the L without visible nodules. I was diagnosed following an auto accident in Oct 08 and sent for an ultrasound to rule out a hemotoma in my neck. I was told my blood levels were within normal limits, calling PCP tomorrow for my actual numbers since have gained @50lbs in the last 18/24mo. My FNB was negative. I am sch'd for a TT on 2/4 due to difficuIty swallowing with shooting pains to my R jaw & ear. I have found a lot of information via the forums, some good and some rather scary.
I am concerned about damage to my voice! It is unlikely that my local hospital is using nerve mapping and I have a general surgeon. The surgeon mentioned the risk but not that it was a common problem. I am planning to return to work in 8 days and talking is required. I was told I need to f/u with my PCP after sugery for my meds. Shouldn't I start meds while still in the hospital? Can my DO handle my replacment therapy? Is a target of around 1 considered reasonable? Will a number lower than 4/5 help me shed lbs and prevent more weight gain?
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From your desription I understood that you have  hematoma [internal bleeding] in thyroid
Was bllod filled cyst aspiration attmpted before decision for surgery?
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I was told "The good news is there is no hematoma. The bad news is it is your thyroid and not related to the accident". I asked if fluid was found during the biopsy. No fluid - solid masses. The only possible connection was an increase in localized swelling due to soft tissue injury. The discomfort in my neck drew my attention to the area. Also I was rubbing my neck and that was making it worse.
No other options than surgery or live with it. I am now only able to swallow on the L and get choked if I am not careful. Talking while eating was a bad habit anyway.
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