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Swallowing problems- any relief ideas?

My throat is driving me insane.
It feels like I have swallowed a chunky tablet without water. Plus there's the ongoing short coughs.
Eating is weird as the food feels like it gets stuck half way down. Drinking is uncomfortable too as the water feels like it can't go down as quickly as I drink it- so I have to sip.
My nodule is retrosternal- so I imagine that is why it is so annoying for me.
Surgery is 12 Nov... so I have to try and deal with this for another month.
I chew things up really well so they are as smooth as possible, and have taken to yoghurts and pureed fruit to sooth when it gets too annoying.
After eating it feels like the food is 'sitting' in my throat.
The best thing I have tried is a throat lozenger with an anaesthetic in it to numb my throat as it swallow which offers a little relief.
Anyone else had this problem? Any wonderful tip/s?
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