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Switching from Armour thyroid to levothyroxine advice

Hi I was wondering if anyone was switched to levothyroxine because of the shortage and had sucess with the transition. I was switched to levothyroxine 150 from being on Armour Thyroid 105 for about 2 years and had hyper symptoms and was was switched to levothyroxine 125 and still had hyper symptoms and labs. So the doctor decreased me to 100 and after 3 weeks was very tired, depressed, anxious and weak. Had blood work done that showed low tsh and high T4 (which the doctor said didnt make sense- maybe the lab was wrong about the T4 part). I am now on 112 and feel horrible but am trying to stick it out until my next blood work to get the true results. I have about 2 weeks to go and about a month before I meet with an endocrinologist. Im so exhausted, my muscles feel weak and sore, My mind and vision is foggy and often feel off balance and anxious. All this is worse when Im tired and or stressed.

I should note I had pappillary cancer and a total thyroidectomy and Rai in 2003 and a recurrance of cancer in lymph node in 2009-removed. I should also note I was not under the care of an endocrinoligist because my labs were pretty stable until ths change. I have my follow up visit with my new endocrinologist after my blood work and she is checking my t3 levels.  Any similar stories or advice would be greatly appretiated. Thank You!
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I was really hoping for some advice on this because Im extremely worried about my symptoms which in turn probably makes things worse in the long run. I was able to move my appointment up til next week. And Im getting blood drawn at 6 weeks instead of eight weeks because I just dont feel right. I think the answer is going to be in the T3 conversion because I use to be on Armour and I dont have a thyroid. Any suggestions on Vitamins. I just take a normal multi vitamin and a calcium, magnesium, zinc vit D supplement and I take a fish oil supplement.
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Not many replies as of late.......people on vacations?

I still have my thyroid, and switched to dessicated last year.  Sounds like you are not aware of Nature- Throid. Is similar to the old Armour. Goggle there site, and tell your pharma to order it if you want to try it. If they say they cant get, they aren't trying to hard for you.

On the other hand you dont mention your doc suggesting T3 Cytomel to use with your T4 you are on now...........?  Do you know about Cytomel?
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Thanks for the reply! I am going to the endo Tuesday Am and I am trying to research everything. Is Nature Thyroid hard to get at the pharmacy or is it just armour thyroid? I'm pretty positive I am not coverting T4 into T3 because I have never felt this bad before. I have a feeling there might be something going on with my adrenals too. I am so tired, cold, anxious, weak, off balance, moody, headaches, nausea, dry skin and hair falling out. However, I lost 20 lbs in the last 15 weeks kind of easily with weight watchers diet plan?? and or change in thyroid medication??? ( I was not able to lose weight before on armour but then again was not really dieting just working out at the gym) So if I'm hypo I dont know if its normal to be able to lose weight. And if I'm hyper ( which I was 2 months ago- then switched to lower dose of levothyroxine) I dont know? So confused??? If I go on cytomel will it help my symptoms immediately or is it another long process? What are the side effects?
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Many people just feel better with some form of T3, even if labs don't necessarily point to the need.

The synthetic T3 brand, Cytomel is often paired with any type of T4 med, in very low doses. When this is done, the T4 amount is lowered. Some people feel good on this combination. Synthetic T3 is strong goes in and out quick, so the dose is usually split two times per day, early morn, and late morn of afternoon. How it works for you, you wont know till you try it. You feel its effects much quiker than T4, and may feel a little hyper the first week or so. Adjusting dose carefully is the best route. If cost is an issue, you may want to ask your pharmacist first.

Did you ever notce a change in symptoms on your last Armour refills - it was reformulated before the shortage. Many people report a return of hypo symptoms.

Nature - Throid is a natural dessicated thyroid similar to the origional Armour, and it comes in grains, its very affordable too. There was a shortage of this too, as many Armour users switched over. Cvs has it, any Walgreens can order it right now. For some reason some doctors and even pharmacists are unaware of this brand.

Google 24 hr saliva adrenal test. Not covered by ins. Chiros or NP's can order this if your doctor wont. Tells adrenal levels 4 times per day.

Thyroid affect peoples weight differently, healthy eating is always more important with thyroid issues. Remember 3 normal sized meals are not as healthy as 5 smaller ones - less hungry at meal time too.
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Hi. I agree with the naturethyroid. I want to try it. I have had big issues with the levothyroxine (generic Synthyroid) and finally changed doctors and saw a doctor today who understands the horrible side effects of levo! I won't know the results of my bloodwork for 7 - 10 days. He also wants a urine test. Said it was much more revealing than saliva test.
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Actually I definitely remember a change in the way I was feeling over last summer (was still on armour) Had a lot of issues that I often blamed on sinuses, cycle, and surgery stress in March of 2009. Now I honestly think it was my levels. But I definitely felt better than I do now. Today I am very achy (I dont feel like Im getting sick). And I am exhausted. Its getting harder to get through the work day. I walk around in a fog half of the day and cant wait to go home because I hate trying to hide my symptoms from my co workers because I feel so not normal.UGH! I can not wait til Tuesday my endo appt! I hate waiting so long in between blood work when you know something is still not right! UGH! Thanks for letting me vent my frustration!
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I was on Armour, then switched to Nature Throid when Armour reformulated (but didn't know I would need a larger dose than on Armour so I didn't feel any better.).  My mom convinced me to switch to Synthroid.  I absolutely hated it!  Terrible hypo symptoms plus awful joint aches (felt like an OLD 90 yr old). Even tried adding T3 Cytomel,  helped some but still had some joint pain.  Switched back to Nature Throid, upped the dose and pain is gone! I would try the Nature Throid before gonig to Synthroid.  I had to have my pharmacy (Publix) request a drop shipment of Nature Throid as the drup rep said he couldn't get it. Be persistent!
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