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Symptoms after surgery...

Hi Everyone,
Had my thyroid completion surgery Monday.. went well. Nodules were much bigger than originally thought... 8 cm total... three nodules, one huge so keeping fingers crossed for pathology to be clean.

I was put on Cytomel until pathology returns but I feel so weak and am having palpitations... normal? They were not too concerned in the hospital (I'm on Prednisone for an autoimmune disease too)..

Just wondering if the change in hormone is causing my exhaustion, chest heaviness and weakness?

Thank you :)
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Hi, ... it may be the meds but you should touch base with your Dr again and make sure they are listening that you really aren't feeling well in addition to the reg. recovery process.  It's hard on the community to be sure .. but you have been thru a lot and it takes a few weeks to get back.  Your body generally runs off stores of hormones for 2 weeks so maybe the med + your nat'l stores are causing the palps??? But ask your Dr ...

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Thanks C! I appreciate the feedback.. I am feeling a lot better but of course a nervous wreck waiting for pathology! :)
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