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Symptoms and 1.6cm nodule

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I have listed my data first.  
-1.6cm Nodule in Isthmus area via a CT scan(FNA scheduled in approx 1 week) US results of thyroid: benign-apperaring cyst.
-Free T4=1.05
-Age 45, slim

First, could the following symptoms be associated with a thyroid nodule/problem:
-Numbness in right foot and toes(chronic and getting worse)
-Tingling in right arm with some "stiff right shoulder"(chronic)
-Very weird, light chronic pain in both hamstrings.
-Mild fatigue
-Slight difficulty swallowing(I am sure this is the nodule)

What should I be asking for or having done:
-Should I request a FNB
-Can the Ultasound tell me if the nodule is fluid-vs-solid.

Additonal notes:  
-DX with HHC(Hemochromatosis Aug 06')Screws a number of organs.
-Running and working out regularly doesn't help numbness symptoms.

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Most thyroid nodules do not cause any symptoms.  A few patients with thyroid nodules may complain of pain in the neck, jaw, or ear. If the nodule is large enough, it may cause difficulty swallowing or cause a
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Sorry I wasn't clear-concise the first time.
Could the following symptoms be associated with a thyroid problem:
-Numbness in right foot and toes(chronic and getting worse)
-Tingling in right arm with some "stiff right shoulder"

thanks again
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I understood you first post and I believe my post related to NO by listing what the usual symptoms are, and I would have varified your symptoms to thyroid/nodule. Sorry I wasn't consice in my first post as well.

So as to be concise in this post, as answer to your question of listed symptoms,is....NO! Your symptoms are not "associated to thyroid nodule/problem".

Good Luck!
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Muscle spasms (cramps) Muscle cramps are involuntary and often painful contractions (movements) of the muscles.
Common Causes :
Muscle fatigue
Heavy exercise
Reduced levels of magnesium or calcium in the body
Other metabolic problems
Kidney failure

Carpal tunnel syndrome - Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often the result of a combination of factors that increase pressure on the median nerve and tendons in the carpal tunnel, rather than a problem with the nerve itself. Most likely the disorder is due to a congenital predisposition.
Trauma or injury to the wrist that cause swelling, such as sprain or fracture
Overactivity of the pituitary gland
Rheumatoid arthritis
Mechanical problems in the wrist joint
Work stress
Repeated use of vibrating hand tools
Fluid retention during pregnancy or menopause
Development of a cyst or tumor in the canal.
In some cases no cause can be identified.

Joint or muscle pain Muscle aches -  tenderness and stiffness, especially in the shoulders and hips  knee joint and small joints in the hands and feet . Joint problems caused by hypothyroidism are difficult to distinguish from rheumatoid arthritis. Both can cause painful, swollen and stiff joints
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I am a 53 year old female who had stent put in LAD artery 1 year ago. Three weeks later I suffered a stroke which left me with no sensation on right side. Afew weeks ago had a sonogram of carotid arteries. A 1.8 enlarged lymph node  in left lobe of thyroid was noted. I was sent to see a ENT surgeon who sent me for a thyroid ultrasound. results are as follows. Both thyroid glands are mildly enlarges and some what heterogenous right lobe measures 4.5x1.5x1.3cm with no modules  Left lobe measures 4,8x1.5x1.3cm with subcentimeter nodules or cysts with debris in the lower pole measuring 0.50.3 and 0.3cm. A lymph node is noted lateral to the upper pole of the left lobe of the thyroid gland measuring 2x0.7x0.7cm. only symtom iI have is night sweats. Should I have further tests done on my thyroid and should I be worried that this is more than just cysts
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