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Symptoms but normal bloodwork

My mother has Graves Disease. I've always been wary of developing it.

I have always had a tremor, but it has recently worsened and become more obvious to others. My pulse is always fast...usually 90 - 115 bpm. I also have the heat intolerance, recent weight loss but hungry, excess sweating (so annoying), night sweats, anxiety, irritability, and occasional loose stool (which is strange because I'm usually constipated).

My throat feels bigger, but I have had Lymes Disease (well, it took me four
years to find a doctor that agreed that I had it even though I remember being
bitten, had all of the symptoms, and all of my bloodwork was positive except
for the fact that I only had one instead of two active strains-- it's so
controversial, and doctors here in NJ are reluctant to diagnose it), and I have
fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (have been diagnosed). Fun!

My mother is a nurse practitioner, and she put me on Inderal, and that has helped with my pulse and helped somewhat with the tremor. I'm also on Effexor (which can cause sweating, slight increase in pulse, and slight tremor),
though, and she's wondering if it's from that. My therapist wonders if it's from
Klonopin...I've been taking it for at least seven years, and she wonders if I'm
going through withdrawal while taking it because my body is too tolerant of the
medication (this would cause worsening of my tremor, anxiety, and irritability).

My TSH was fine in January. How quickly could my bloodwork change? Should I get another blood test? Should I test for TSI -- thyroid stimulating
immunoglobulins (which I believe is mainly for Graves)? Could I be getting a
false negative on the TSH...I mean, could I have it but it not show up on
bloodwork? I've been complaining about it so much that my mom is annoyed, and I don't know what I should do at this point. Please help! =)
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My TSH levels were never off but I was hypothyroid and had cancer. Maybe try another dr??

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Well, nice to have somebody famous on here! ;)  Welcome aboard.

Wouldn't hurt to get your antibodies checked.  Shows up there a lot of times faster than in TSH.  Lots and lots of people have normal TSH and are really sick.

CFS-- from what I've researched before this diagnosis they should run complete thyroids.  TSH, FreeT3, FreeT4, TSI, etc.  Most thyroid experts seem to think that CFS is probably undiagnosed thyroid disorder.  Fibromyalgia is also associated with it.  Went through several horrid spells of it myself.  But that can also be brought on by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  People who have been in wars, lost children, think you understand.

Sounds like most of the symptoms are there, but since thyroid covers every square in of a body can also be other things.  BUT, any time a women, especially, goes in to a dr complaining of something wrong with her they should first run thyroids.  Not my words, words of drs like Dr. Oz.

Hope you find some relief and help soon.
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Levels can change for many various reasons, as long as they are within Labs reference, is acceptable.

How often test should be done - A second test should be done approx. three months after the first  test was done, to verify that the first test are in Labs reference range.  After that if there are no problems and I would suggest how close either way TSH is to being out, test be done a least once a year.  The closer it is to being out, the more often test should be done, like 6 months, 3 months.

TSI is not necessary as long as TSH and both FTs are done and either relate or not relate to, autoimmune.  If they do relate to autoimmune, then TSI or antibodies will confirm to what the levels relate to, as well as other thyroid related test.

No! levels are predominate diagnose.  Antibodies are seen in people that do not have thyroid condition as well as other autoimmune disorders.  So antibodies are sort of useless other than to confirm what the autoimmune thyroid levels show.

Eliminating the possibility of the other meds. you are taking are not the cause of your symptoms or levels, might be of some help in understanding what is going on.

I am the only person in my family with Graves', the rest are hypothyroid.....go figure!

Good luck.
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