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I have gotten results back from test and finally all my years of symptoms fit ...except my shortness of breath and the inability not to be able to take a full deep breath.... comments.... anyone else have this symptom with Hypothyroid or thyroiditis???
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I do. My chest feels tight but I think it's because I am tense and never relaxed and I think for me it is because of the thyroid.
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I there! :)  
Could you please tell me your exact lab results with ranges?  Low levels of the Free's can cause shortness of breath. I almost always get that when I go hypo....first way I know I am dropping in levels! Only way to get rid of it is to get your Free T3 and Free T4 levels optimal......normal does not mean normal in the ranges that they give.
Your Free's should both be at least mid normal range.
There really isn't much you can do naturally to boost your thyroid levels if it is Autoimmune, but if it is due to Iodine Deficiency you can supplement with that to help. It really just depends upon why you are hypo.
Another important thing to keep in mind is to support your adrenals. Take plenty of Vit C and B complex.
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I was diagnosed with adult asthma three years ago. I take Advair now. Now that I know I have Hashimoto's, I think my asthma symptoms are related.
:) Tamra
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